Liu Qin TMT entrepreneurs how to seize the three opportunities in economic restructuring

editor’s note: in CEIBS held on 8-9 November 2014 Global Management Forum, Morningside venture partner Liu Qin millet as the case, summed up the TMT company Chinese economic transformation under the background of how to seize three opportunities: globalization, industry control relaxation and innovation of science and technology, combined with their own investment experience sharing the two major investment current trends in TMT industry.

below is the topic of Liu Qin sharing and keynote speech (with the deletion editor):

TMT industry’s two largest investment opportunities

I am now in the industry (the Internet) and traditional industries are taking place in a variety of relationships, I see four trends in investment opportunities, which have two opportunities.

The first big opportunity for

is the evolution of the Internet as a technology itself.

is the first point of the Internet as a science and technology itself, he has a volume of further explosion. How to understand this amount of time we enter the PC Internet, and now we are talking about the mobile internet. Next we see clearly is the concept of the Internet of things, the characteristics of it appears as a computer, or intelligent terminal operation ability, from the host system to the original IT industry, PC machine to the computer, mobile phone, will be further reduced, will be everywhere. He might be wearing it, maybe it could be at home, it could be your car, or maybe it’s part of our body. Therefore, from the number of speaking, from science and technology to human society, or in a quantitative change of key nodes, so a great opportunity.

second is the data, the next possible trend is the big data and depth of learning, as well as possible future artificial intelligence. With the Internet into all aspects of life, he is a data industry, he will accumulate a large amount of data. The terminal will become more and more abundant, will cover all aspects of life, various social gathering business environment, the information, the formation of a variety of algorithms, so the industry is in rapid development.

second categories of information technology and Internet technology is a cross science in many traditional industries.

first of all, in manufacturing, now called industrial 4. In fact, it is the information technology, including changes in the marketing of Internet technology will affect all aspects of production, supply chain and manufacturing, will reconstruct the value of many industries. Second is the service industry is to share the economy, as well as the hottest O2O. Any one thing you put the information to the industry, to the Internet platform, it will be a strange change, will change a lot of form, will make the way to do business will completely change. The third is the impact of the Internet on young people in China and the relationship between the various aspects of the internet. There will be profound changes in the social sector.

so we see a kind of evolution of technology itself, a kind of Technology >

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