Taobao Sequoia Wangzhuan guest website promotion combat process

online shopping now gradually become a trend, then there are a lot of people to join Taobao off this line, how to make the site in front of bustling themselves, are really too important for the guest. The following is my summary of the website promotion method, we can learn from each other, each one airs his own views.

the first step: the major search sites to submit their own web site

after the site to do one thing is to submit their own to the search engine, which can really increase the visibility of the site. Baidu has the most comprehensive login entrance, you can go and see, to be constantly updated, in order to have the user can be found, then you can wait for the search engine included. It is very important, almost forgot, do not use a similar web page iframe tags, the reason is very simple, spiders do not like. Related reading: (website to build a detailed process)

second step: increase the link

is very simple, the link between the number of links with the popularity of the site. When the first step has been done, it can be done. Here, I would like to emphasize that PR, which is of course, in order to have a high visibility of your site, you have to choose a low PR site, but it is also possible that PR is willing to do and you do a link, it is not better.

third step: continue to update the site

constantly updated can improve the site’s traffic, while the number of engines will be increased accordingly. The reason is very simple ah, if your site is always before those old-fashioned content, people have curiosity, I was tired. Included in the number is very important, well-known Web site contains more pages, it means that more people can search through the search to your web site, the amount of access will naturally grow.

updates to the site also requires a certain skill, not just confined to the one or two papers, written content should include keywords, so that it is easy to be found, of course, since the role of promotional website is, it should mainly focus on the theme of writing.

is a very important point in your work, to find some well-known Web site promotion, don’t forget to add links to your web site, the others think you this article is good, when need to reprint, and increase your chain, this way is not to kill two birds with one stone, not many the necessary trouble, very useful.

some guest will ask, all day writing, which have so many original? Sometimes not write also, also for reference. This kind of work can only be called pseudo original, the effect is not good, but better than the original copy of the article.

in terms of my superficial qualifications, summed up so many. But we all learn from each other, so as to improve. Methods are summed up a little bit, I hope in the near future, we can find their own original methods.


some guest station early is according to this mode of operation. "

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