How to put their own keywords into Baidu search

SEO- how to put their own keywords into Baidu search. On this point, we talk about the experience of five online. You know, we are in a search with Baidu, at the bottom of the page will appear "search" column, and the place where most people are concerned, if your keywords to do here, that bring you traffic will let you be startled at the. How to put your keywords into here, today I teach you, if done properly, can be related to "search" included a day.

this article will give you one secret: how to search your keywords into Baidu keyword how to put your keywords into Baidu’s search related Baidu search this is not a big secret but it is definitely your keywords do excellent guidance into the Baidu search related greatly improve your site traffic!

at the beginning of this article before we first do some assumptions, assuming that your website called five online, specifically for local people’s homes on the Internet service system. So naturally you will want what people go to visit your site? Of course is in Baidu search " online; Wuhe network " people, but to you (online website in Wuhe) search keywords " five online network " when the row up is very difficult, because the word of SEO is the master, but if in Baidu search inside the " online; Wuhe web site " can you guess how many people would have to click on the link to


now you can search on Baidu " five online " try, obviously these are the target flow very clear through the keywords into your website, is a potential customer conversion rate is very high. We will notice a bit in the website optimization, if a word is very hot you, take it up to take a very long time and a lot of energy, but if you want to do in the original search words do hot words, it can bring you a considerable flow of.

appear in the relevant web pages in Baidu searchFor example, the construction site in Baidu search

if " appears in the search results page; five online web site " believe to click on the client is not in the minority. If I do the website keywords " ", I’m sure Wuhe; it is difficult to do. But if you search website " in the relevant search; five online " I believe there will be a lot of friends would go on, because you believe that by " Wuhe online " can be obtained; you need five service or where he can provide related consulting services for your


so how to operate it? In fact, the above is a good example of the demonstration. You just go to the Baidu search online website " " five;? If that is not my fault, I told you the guide is not enough, is not able to.

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