Small English station into 30 knife

said GG is not good, regular GG more difficult, in fact! I put my GG experience to talk to you, I hope all of you some inspiration! Do GG, I do not cheat, formal, and never thought about cheating, I have a full-time job, I do stand belong to the amateur, but I want to go on long-term development, want to put the webmaster as my avocation can grow, the future can do full-time webmaster, I am willing to.

a lot of friends have a good idea, but why did not succeed that probably is because they can not adhere to or the most simple, the most easy to do, throw it away. Or the lack of executive power, want to be too good, but also can be done, but not on the executive power. I am very strict on their own requirements, do a good job, do not want to think.

1 do English stand, I was using the COM domain name, foreign space, since you want to make money, the most basic investment is not allowed.

2 to determine the web site for WordPress, because I will not be able to technology, will only be simple to build, and WordPress procedures can fully meet my requirements, but also a good optimization.

3 to determine the theme of the site, I do is stand in the foreign insurance, because almost everyone to buy insurance, buy insurance consciousness is very strong, and that is, what the website that high price? What industry competition is more powerful, the industry price high.

4 I collected the data of Yahoo answer, we all know that Baidu know the content is very good, Yahoo answer in foreign equivalent to Baidu know this cow, not to say, we can imagine.

5 with the train to collect, I spend money to find someone to write a collection program, and then use a plug-in, the article all into a pseudo original.

6 we all know, do Google ranking, two important points are the original content with a large number of the chain. Ok, my content into a pseudo original, to meet a. The two, how can I solve it? I bought some about pr3—pr5 connection, good effect, then I also created a large number of English blog, I wrote a total of more than and 30 high quality soft article, more than 1 months, the effect of play. For the domestic webmaster, English is not very good (seek truth from facts, do not scold me), that how to solve the chain that

friends should know the words of wow gold, is a very valuable words, you go to Google search, found the first page of the wow gold station are many of our people do, it is the expert ah, then you check outside the chain, they ha, the results came out, they are all in the message board. In the forum, do a lot of the chain blog, the fierce competition this term, he did the chain can do the first page, you followed his footsteps to do outside the chain, stick to it, you will do what you want, like that? Friends, think about it!!! "

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