Part time students do Wangzhuan kill three birds

I would like to a rookie qualification now told at that time plenty of students in the University, why I suggest you do wangzhuan. Master, this can be over the old, if there is a higher opinion please enlighten, following written purely personal feeling:

explained before, first said that the Wangzhuan novice friends to explain what is Wangzhuan


network: those who make money Wangzhuan and get through the Internet can be referred to as your personal income.

part-time students do Wangzhuan three birds:

NO1, the most abundant University time.

went to college as you all know, the university time is very abundant, if your major is not particularly picky, every day may be a few lessons on the right, sometimes a few days not in class. Most of the Comrades or go around the (called spring, Qiu You), or to Internet cafes to play games watch movies, or try to bubble MM. A lot of time was wasted, if four years of College extracurricular time every day you can take 2 hours, even for an hour, I’m sure four years later you are absolutely Wangzhuan leader. If I can return to the University, I started to do part-time wangzhuan. (I started junior)

NO2, Wangzhuan is a technology.

according to my personal contact with the university graduates, when asked what they have learned in the university four years, a lot of people say, "did not learn anything," "learn a little fur", "I do not know what I learned," and so on. Sad, university four years, how precious life time (personal) University for the past four years you mix again, you have to at least something. Even those students who study computer science, I asked them if you have your own website? Have your own domain name? Do you know SEO? You know Baidu, NetEase, Sohu, who is the boss? Actually shook his head like rattle. All they know is the cs Warcraft / through the FireWire or what movies, TV series. However, if the University part-time do Wangzhuan, will not only help you understand the knowledge of network marketing, network optimization, online business, construction sites and other basic, you can learn more through Wangzhuan network communication, communication engineering and software programming, now senior social hot hot industry knowledge, when their own after four years out of school. You definitely need not run every talent market, then the enterprise will naturally take the initiative to find you on the web, you become famous, you are afraid of their unemployment?


NO3, can work online.

if you can’t be in the student organization leaders in the school don’t waste time on it, boring, even when no what benefits, gave the teacher as a "puppet"; if you own a house not immediately after graduation, do not love, not reality, graduation most of the MM for various reasons and you goodbye. Only Wangzhuan, only money is the real university, part-time do Wangzhuan, not only can learn more technology, can make money.

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