Rely on what new owners to get income

if you are a personal webmaster, it is estimated that eight or nine of you is not a poor person from ten! So how to get rid of poverty, it is our personal webmaster has been the topic of research. Now more and more websites on the Internet, the quality is less and less, because we are not too professional, nor from what Sina ah, NetEase ah, come out of the super power! So we only do what you. Well, back to business. Here are some of my personal experience since I hope to share with you!

first, the new webmaster want to understand their what station analysis, what kind of station how much traffic, your income reflected where? I started is not too clear on this point, so take a lot of detours.

second: if you are a program editor, estimated your site for search engines will be very friendly, because only you yourself something you can you can change freely.

if you do not write the program, then it is necessary to properly adjust some of the procedures to change the station. Note: regardless of the station is your own writing, or someone else’s own to change, the best choice is to program the program clear, no garbage code. According to the SEO code to write this for your site will be very good, the major search will also favor you.

is the last station to add the article. This is the most important place. If you are not lazy, the best of each article should be treated carefully, it will be very good for you in the page ranking.

well, if it goes on like this. Your station will not only get a good score! There will be a certain amount of traffic, traffic, money is not a problem.

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