Difficult to get from the grassroots owners to invest in favor of the wind and rain

everything is so suddenly, it seems that only a few hours of ordinary but the pain and happiness I think only grassroots webmaster can really understand the hardships of the road.

I just

on the Internet do grassroots webmaster one unknown to the public in a web site, but also on the Internet site in the tens of millions of ordinary, if why investment choose me, I want to just because effort and that a persistent.

create website original intention

I do website but many webmaster has to do is a marriage type community website, there are a lot of this kind of consulting and so on, the reason I think to do a website source this to me in the Tianjin hotel as a wedding planning department manager, every day I will see many new people to the consultation and about all kinds of things and all kinds of wedding wedding get scorched by the flames look, every day will see the Tianjin wedding company personnel holding their promotional materials to promote their own company and the director, makeup and so on, I think as I made a wedding company for new sites to bypass the intermediate service such people, so the wedding company to promote their new place, also have a way of understanding and choice.

tough website molding

because I majored in marketing planning, so I combined the Tianjin wedding market with the help of friends first developed a set of projects, and to listen to various opinions of the wedding industry carefully adjusted, to tell the truth of this kind of marriage type community already belongs to the Red Sea, I have a lot of friends let me give up this idea. But I think that the Red Sea is also outstanding industry elite, even if it is also selling pie egg business is good or bad, so I still keep doing it.


like me all know grassroots webmaster do a website difficult, I also like you, your own programming PS yourself to run the market and so on, will not delay their work after a period of time the site finally prototypes, he is very excited, but the problem is that such a huge data and needs picture support website space how? I started looking for a virtual host, after a period of time and some test results are almost customer open speed is very slow, for a grassroots station "open slow is fatal, because it will affect the user experience and the advertisers doubt, how to do?


and his friends after consultation, a cruel, bought a cloud hosting and prepare the matter, do we regular dry, even if not successful or not regret, let alone the host bought after the web page open speed is really surprised me and let me help test friends feel to the satisfaction of the site! The prototype and the host are ready, the next step to start formal marketing on-line

hard marketing

although I have been planning and marketing for many years, but I know it is very difficult to do it by one person alone. So how can I do it? I have no money to hire a helper to help me

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