Grass roots network logic

has been asked about the origin of the name since it was a grassroots network. "Why is the grassroots network? What is the meaning?" I started to think about the problem.

I was a veteran of the Internet, a veteran of the prophet sleep. 98 years after graduation he rushed in, doing web design, production, process, operation and management, and even run inserted market, but for a long time, my psychology to this fickle industry have the instinctive sense of distance, remember a few years ago saw a computer newspaper reporter, listen they speak in the industry rumors when eating, watching them talk look, there is always a kind of outside of it, do not feel.

in recent years due to the relationship between the work, began to think about some of the things in the industry, but still see the industry as a whole, the spread of entertainment, I do not know how to go down this precipitation?

horn (Cheng Tianyu) in the "cow" in the assessment network had that "grassroots network objectives, digg mode DoNews and techweb. Really should not be called grassroots network." And I think I may be a professional editor in the industry, at least the professional editors who do."

actually not.

Donews and Techweb are the media station, they are the founders of the industry well-known reporter, they come from the media, so the site is an expression of the desire of the news. The grassroots network is not the case, the grassroots network to express and precipitation is the data can be used to analyze, to inspire the knowledge of people, inspiring or alert people experience. I hope to grudges, grassroots network rumors and a small part of people quarrel can promote some sincere and useful exchanges really formed here instead of rampant.

no great aim grassroots network. Just want to become a grassroots network of people have on the station, the pursuit of a peace of mind and to hand a fragrance of roses.

words back in place, what is grassroots? I give the definition of grassroots is non famous people who fought so hard on the Internet, I like such a good-for-nothing veteran, with the hardships of life, work. I hope grass can become a relatively quiet place to rest. To people who are willing to share the experience here in a calm mood, make yourself and others working in difficult distant echo, make it a distant warmth, so that all people know are not alone on night.

I think this is my pursuit, although it is a website, but also constitute a kind of emotional life I pursue.

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