How to get a good start at the beginning of the business


there are many consumer oriented Internet start-ups, much beyond count. Compared to the past, now the network business is too easy, buy a space, domain name registration, download a website program, find a good template, hire a few people or even one person to maintain or update a website, an Internet company almost is built. Convenient, fast, the cost is also very low, but the problem is the homogenization of serious.

this is similar to the soy sauce business model, Internet entrepreneurs are lack of entrepreneurial experience, nor a system on the whole process of planning, simply imitate each other, or imitation of large enterprises, as a result of a large number of stragglers and disbanded soldiers, and similar service industry in full is uneven in quality, the whole industry looks a mess, so that customers really have a headache.

everything from scratch, a good start is half the success, in any case, the business must first have a good start. In this connection, we interviewed seven young entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEC), and how to communicate with them can have a beautiful start.

1 depicts a blueprint for entrepreneurship

What is the best way to find the

market or the most popular products? To try the "insurance" is really clever?…… You guess wrong, the best way is to the success of product research has been delisted, and combined with the situation of the research, so that you can from the vertical and horizontal comparison of different enterprises in the same industry between what is common, then find the breakthrough point of innovation. Blue ocean strategy, a book about how to describe a good blueprint for entrepreneurship, targeting opponents, breaking the homogenization. Do not focus on immediate interests, to have a long-term vision, to think about what you can solve the problem, you can provide innovative products to the market to help more people. – Nathalie Lussier, Nathalie Lussier Media


2 to establish a unique brand image

the establishment of a competitive start-up companies need a day to pay more, allowing users to enjoy more experience on your products, rather than in your walk with the same products in different pick, who is good or bad, okay, this is not a game of finding fault. Customers are most eager to be able to effectively solve the problem, functional products. So you have to communicate with customers, experience, design, function and so on, all levels of communication, which will make your products in the starting point than the rivals. – Caitlin McCabe, Real Bullets Branding



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