The rich and colorful Wangzhuan world how to start a new

just leave the industry a lot of Wangzhuan new, easy to follow the crowd, and the crowd behavior often leads to a lot of hard work finally disappointed to leave Wangzhuan Wangzhuan new industry. Recently, Wang Shifan met a lot of new Wangzhuan on their own complain, complain Wangzhuan this industry really is not an ordinary person can do. This is an important reason for today king Stephen writing this article, think through this article, can better guide the correct understanding of some new Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, successfully entered Wangzhuan industry. Here is Wang Shifan personal summary of Wangzhuan, I hope to help you!

1 new into Wangzhuan, we first need to see the technology.

many friends entered Wangzhuan, is to make money. For this, Wang Shifan undeniably. Our goal is to make money, but for beginners, we can not make money to make money. We first need to understand what kind of Wangzhuan skills, see more suitable technology. Here are some new friends to pick up some Witkey tasks to do, see which is more suitable for them, and then go into the kind of hard technology. 08 years when Wang Shifan in Witkey met a friend, her childhood love painting and design industry, but has not engaged in this kind of work, since she can also be found through the network to some small and medium-sized enterprises do make money after the design way, she seriously studied all courses in graphic design, now she has published, but in Witkey platform is a celebrity.

grabbed his hobby technology, think seriously and do go on, there will be one day you will become your master.

2 new people to enter the second Wangzhuan, self-learning ability.

choose their own favorite technology, then it is necessary to start learning. There are two ways of learning: learning and training. Wang Shifan strongly recommend new not participated in any training (possibly some one-sided), because the novice is like a piece of white paper, too much knowledge does not understand, the temerity to participate in training, certainly not suited! In addition, now a lot of so-called training Wangzhuan level can’t let people easily believe.

at the same time, self-learning ability for a qualified Wangzhuan people, is a kind of learning ability is very important. In the development of network, you must be as Wangzhuan, at any time to learn, if you completely rely on training to engage in Wangzhuan industry, then you will always be behind.

3 new people to enter the final Wangzhuan, need to focus on the mentality.

After entering the new

Wangzhuan industry, could not immediately be able to earn money, some even half a year, only a year in income. This time we need to focus on the mentality to overcome the current difficulties, because want to survive, each line of each industry needs to focus and hard work. Many people once a time no income, think Wangzhuan is a lie, in fact, this time has entered a new extreme. For this, Wang Shifan introduces a kind of method to friends: after you enter the Wangzhuan.

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