How do click on the station is how to achieve monthly income of 10000 yuan

Now many webmaster

with Chinese click Wangzhuan, but most do not make money, many stations in Changxin set up the final conversation, because the ways of making money eventually died down. I began to do not make money, then carefully pondering, the current income can earn more than 10 thousand a month. Now write out the experience, is to pave the way for later, after all, is the first drive after the rich, one to common prosperity.

world is by Communist Party propaganda, propaganda, website is no exception. I spent some money on some websites to do some advertising click through this method, attracted some members to my one to stand, spent about more than and 300 dollars, and later found that click advertising is not the most effective way, the spirit to spend money to do the principle, later found in the famous Wangzhuan station do better than fixed advertising effect, seven or eight dollars can do a month of advertising, cheap and effective, flow of membership is the foundation to make money.

I got one to Wangzhuan union money mainly from three aspects.

is from the GG advertising revenue, after all GG advertising application is not difficult, and the price is still relatively high, not too many ads on GG, I just put an advertisement, and two word chain, the station a GG of about five cents a click, click on price is very high;

two is made from the promotion of advertising, advertising promotion mainly do is another achievement alliance, Darwin advertising alliance, the two alliances are good, good reputation, now many webmaster heart the most distressing is that there is no way to make money for the promotion of advertising, click on the station can apply to all the sales advertisements it is difficult to make money advertising. If just click on the station for advertising, there will be a lot of restrictions, most of the advertising promotion rebate taboo station, do not have simply stated on the rebate promotion station. How to play the edge ball? I do this, I like the secretarial chowder network, I got eighty percent referral advertising through this station application, then I stand at the click of a fixed advertising publishing, advertising and I apply for registration through the website to a friend, promised to give some into the present results no I didn’t apply for online advertising, the natural effect is very good.

three is to find some advertisers. Many advertisers to find, click on the station are hoping to find some money for advertisers. I mainly through the way for someone to post, five cents a promotion, although the original, but still effective. I have a chance to paste, do not let go of the opportunity to push advertising sites.

there is no free lunch, want to make money is to pay, from April to the present, I sleep every day is very short, people have lost a lot of weight, but the painstaking efforts of the site eventually became a fruit, is God helps those who help themselves!!!

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