The female menstrual App entrepreneurship sample aunt Kitty commercial exploration



" aunt " founder of firewood


The basic function of

"aunt" is recorded on the users in the menstrual cycle, sexual life, their signs and other information, the application will be according to the user different physiological stages push the relevant maintenance knowledge.

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

firewood, 27 years of age, male gender, menstrual cycle App" aunt " founder, was friends ridicule as "the most know" aunt "people", sent the nickname "big uncle". As the female menstrual App business model, "aunt" has been thinking about how to make huge cash flow.

most understand big aunt man

Nearly four years after the

business, "returnees" firewood third venture "aunt finally achieved initial success". "Aunt Kitty" slogan is "we know best aunt, the on-line less than a year of menstrual cycle records, has accumulated 6 million 800 thousand registered users. If you press the visibility to consider, "aunt" is undoubtedly the most successful App segments. Last year, Xu Xiaoping became the "aunt" angels. Recently, aunt you completed a A round of financing, valuation and the specific amount is unknown.


aunt do, firewood has done a vertical community health class "LOHAS" and massage class quiz application "where", both of which ended in failure. For these two projects, firewood can be summed up this way: life is a low frequency after all, so the health community and Q & A applications can not be regarded as a special need." At that time, a lot of friends can also remind him this question.

"you just need to ask and massage what ah, like the girl’s menstruation, once a month, that’s just." An exchange of entrepreneurial activity in July 2011, a friend of firewood casually say. As we all know, although the menstrual cycle of female students can not say, but at least more frequent than illness. The careless words stop the firewood, became the "aunt" was born inspiration. Two months later, firewood decisively stopped LOHAS and "where" the two projects, began to develop "aunt kitty".

‘s father is a professor of medicine at the University and a pharmaceutical company. The wood can be small monasteries, which he always adhere to the cause of entrepreneurship in the field of health. However, in order to do "aunt", University of professional major professional operation and management of firewood can also need "plug-in" self-study menstrual knowledge. When interviewed, he often mentioned some gynecological professional terminology, such as "luteal phase" (referring to the time of day before menstruation after ovulation) and spontaneous abortion". He was a friend called "the most understand" big aunt "people", so there is a great uncle’s name >

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