CNET founder how to spend 5 in 1 billion 800 million

introduction he now owes $100 million in debt, and only a maximum of $50 million can be used to pay the debt.


Halsey · (Halsey Minor

); MinaTencent

technology news (Jin Yu) June 3rd Beijing time news, will he founded technology company with a $1 billion 800 million price to sell, and personal bankruptcy in 5 years after this, how should I do? For Halsey · Mina (Halsey Minor), this may be because the obsession with luxury hotel racing and art.

is 48 years old, grew up in Virginia, graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in anthropology, in 2008 CNET Networks Inc. will be sold to the Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS Corp.). He said that he owed $100 million in debt, and only a maximum of $50 million can be used to pay the debt, but it should be attributed to the real estate and other "non tech enterprises investment mistakes comfort zone".

he’s pretty sure he won’t be the only one who’s not comfortable. In his bankruptcy filing, he said he had no money to repay unsecured creditors. This book is intended to seek bankruptcy all his assets eligible handed over to the court by the court will sell the assets of the top bidder, in order to clear the Mina all financial entanglements, let him have no menace from the rear.

bankruptcy lawyer Bob · (Bob Rattet) has said that "the choice of" bankruptcy law "chapter seventh bankruptcy liquidation is in order to clear history. Like middle-class families in the United States, he doesn’t have to pay back the debt, because most of the debt is business related."

Mina filed a bankruptcy petition on May 24 to the U.S. bankruptcy court in Losangeles, listing assets of $50 million, up to $100 million debt. According to the seventh chapter of the bankruptcy law of the United States, a bankruptcy trustee shall be appointed by the bankruptcy court to liquidate the debtor’s property.


is responsible for handling the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy bankruptcy lawyer Harvey · Miller (Harvey Miller) said that the United States "bankruptcy law" the seventh chapter aims to let more individual debtors enough "start relatively fast, and usually do not need to pay the creditors to sell most of the property.

bankruptcy lawyer Mike · (Cook) said that, in contrast, for businesses or partners, the seventh chapter does not provide any exemption on the debt, the equivalent of "economic suicide" (Michael)". Mina’s VCs Minor Ventures to invest in some of the early technology start-ups, the.

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