The Enlightenment of morality to our Shanghai dragon industry brings

the meaning of this sentence is to understand others, can be wise. To know who is the true wisdom. We should not only know your own rival website Shanghai Longfeng, to learn more about their website. We always complain that many Shanghai dragon love, when others see the site in the front row, while their website ranking is not ideal, will say in front of the row is several garbage station, love Shanghai crazy words. In fact, he did not know that their website is even worse, if your site is well done, the search engine and users will naturally favor our website. Don’t always complain about the love of Shanghai, when we have no way to change the algorithm, we had to change themselves, their own websites do better, more in line with the user experience, there is no need to worry

summary: We specialize in, in the hands of resources and manpower is limited, the site has done small and fine, can make your site more competitive.

as the core, explains how to make people achieve personal self-cultivation, and with little selfishness and desire to make content is not shame state, the people’s life, and not to Killing with Kindness, heaven realm etc.. The moral philosophy system, the history of our country’s first full term as watery, sublime words with deep meaning, "by the king". The moral applies to all industries, including Shanghai dragon. Today to talk about their own morality by some understanding of Shanghai dragon.

two, intellectual, zizhizhe ming.

three, the Bo Bo, I do not know.

the meaning of this sentence is less to more, it will confuse you. Many people think that this sentence Lao Tzu is contradictory, but this intermediate contains rich philosophy. Many of our Shanghai dragon because don’t understand the truth, not a lot of detours, resulting in the loss of confidence in Shanghai dragon. For example, we do Shanghai Longfeng machinery industry, a company also produces a variety of products, and these products function and face customer groups are not the same, our normal thinking is to put these products are uploaded to a website, so not every kind of products will have to rank? Backfire, want to put more than one word rankings do go up, the result of a word no ranking, it is a miserable thing. Our company will make such mistakes, then we do the sprinkler, tank truck, garbage truck, lorry crane and so on products, our title also contains all the keywords of our vehicles, then we find that we don’t have a word have good ranking. And then we decided through discussions at the meeting, each kind of models to build a website, then our website ranking has significantly increased.

the meaning of this sentence is that for > There is no end for learning..

ranking? The moral nature to

summary: we do Shanghai dragon learn to constantly summarize, identify deficiencies in their own website, more in their own efforts on the website.

, a little too much confusion.

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