Love is a large area of Shanghai K station in the end is the webmaster or Baidu unwell



only home no page or inside pages less generally occur in relatively new sites, this new page may have been love Shanghai spiders, but there is a period of assessment, the assessment period will be put out, general assessment period will be based on the content and stability of the original degree to change. In general 1-2 months.

according to the 360 grab, love Shanghai has done a lot of defense work, such as encryption, but little significance. After all, can use the machine to solve things others can use machine decoding. So the author bold speculation, will fall in love with the sea to recruit Counterplot, first put their ranking upset, then able to a number of valuable but not high profile, even out a batch of illegal station, is to make 360 to grab. Then the legal prosecution of two pronged. Let 360 garbage all over the place. Of course, this is only the author of a bold guess.

, a guess as a means to deal with 360 grab better do

is the first analysis of the current mainstream right down

in the hundreds outside

(a) site home page does not see, in normal


(two) site not only the home page, page, or pages less

(three) site home page has, but no keyword ranking, or ranked

always love Shanghai in various means to limit the development of 360, because 360 is the most likely to shake the foundation of the platform in the sea, on the one hand the acquisition of 360 of the most influential short domain name so贵族宝贝, on the other hand 360 poached a lot before the love of Shanghai core R & D team members, plus 360 strong the client platform, have to let love Shanghai very carefully.

page of normal situation occurs in the title page, describes a modification, or update the page snapshot site in a short time when the server is not responding. Such a situation is generally three days to a week to return to normal.

home page has, but not normal snapshot keyword ranking, or ranking in the hundreds outside website, this is a large area in Shanghai this year love after the upgrade, according to the old station, and there is a certain weight, this large-scale drop in the right there is a large part of the group this batch of station site, PR values are generally relatively high in other search engine rankings are very good, and the optimization of the.

many webmasters are experienced in June 22nd, June 28th, August 25th September 10th this several large area down the right and K station, through extensive investigation we found some right down the rules and methods to deal with, regardless of you have, take out and share with you, hope the webmaster identity support, do not agree friends do not still egg.

why love Shanghai to this batch of old station pain under the ruthless hand? We are bold guess.

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