Lost between the chain number forty thousand night whether it is a blessing or a curse


6, garbage forum group chain.

two, from the update of the chain lost, according to their chain are analyzed and summarized, the author first talk about the main ways of the chain, and we explore what method to favor, the chain which is made out of the clouds.

blog space chain.

, the author thinks the chain loss phenomenon, on the site is on the scourge, do stand experience really a reminder, also is a fortune". Why do you say, because a lot of the chain lost cause website ranking, website slipped right down the phenomenon, the author said is the scourge. Then why is the "Fu"? Because I think success often have many failures, do stand too, too easily behind success often have many drawbacks, the sooner the better, so that the author called "Fu", this also lets me see the huge cloud site outside chain number in".

believes that many webmaster and I like every day to do some bustling about the chain, for as much as possible so that the site to have a good ranking, however hard everyday by the method of form to do outside the chain, but in yesterday’s update, the station lost forty thousand points outside the chain originally, the number of nearly ninety thousand, and now only forty thousand. The author, in the face of these very sad, and also gave some thoughts on the chain and summarize and discuss.

you know, behind a website ranking stable often have to support a large number of the chain, and the site also is so. The chain is not updated before the play in the role is really quite large, ranking is relatively stable, but since then, the chain lost rankings plummeted, the occasional snapshot also appear to file phenomenon, the content included abnormal phenomena, etc.. Then the face of such a huge loss of the chain, it is a blessing or a curse? I believe that many owners have different views, today I will chain for my small loss to do some thinking and suggestions, hoping to help you master it, the chain also can also be updated after the rest of us come to domain:www.***贵族宝贝 to do with the author, who is relatively stable, the quality is good.

2, Q & a chain.

1, BBS signature chain.

3, submitted to the soft way outside the chain.

The chain of

7, Shanghai library, experience outside the chain of love.

above seven is outside of the chain had to do every day, went for about seven months to do outside the chain of nearly ninety thousand, a new site is undoubtedly huge ranking support, in addition to the site content is original, it is way ahead in the new rankings. So the chain of.

5, the website message board.

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