How to use QQ group to do keywords more than 6000 index page

Shanghai dragon

of Shanghai dragon, entry into earlier, 06 years began, and then through the training of official work, on the way there have been several job hopping, turning several times, 12 years now came to a Shenzhen company, company of Shanghai dragon look againer, and get love from the Shanghai business proportion the larger, the total business 45%. So the company set up a few people of the Shanghai dragon team, a clear division of labor.


is a Shanghai dragon knows, ranked at home in the top three, in fact, is more difficult than in most of the home page, because the row in front of the station is the basis of excellent site, while in front of our website website is three is the old site quite well-known, and if you want to go beyond these sites, we all know that only through the user click, then click on how to obtain these, even if love Shanghai has dealt with the current available click on the software, but we still hold.

but in the near future, the boss began to grumble, he is not satisfied with the subject company website ranking (an index of more than 6000 words, the peak of more than 8000), the word has been home ninth, tenth levels, in order to do before the word, the basic team’s mind on the word, even buy a lot of high quality links, long-term, the money the boss is still very straightforward, because the index is a little high, and the boss’s eyes remained fixed on the word, in the first two pages, bring some business, but the boss every day rush on the home page, and to the the home page, and to the top three, I think this is the most common ER as Shanghai, but had to accept the bitter life.

website is done earlier, 13 years before the domain name history, but also have a special team, but the boss is not satisfied with the effect, so removed the original Shanghai dragon team, the re establishment of our team. At this point, before the peer exchange, often heard to complain about the boss do not understand Shanghai Longfeng how miserable, but I think this is wrong, at least in my view, the boss does not know you can at least flicker, in the face of a little Shanghai dragon boss, this is difficult. Unfortunately, our team will encounter this boss.

early went smoothly, so the company’s marketing website keywords rise boss overall very satisfied, properly and logically arranged, so in the next work, the whole team also more relaxed, not in denial, now as far as I know, each of the company’s Shanghai dragon Er, 45% people after the corresponding after all, there will be a lot of free time, of course, in addition to the current Fen those who stand in the editor, friends of the chain like the first Commissioner of Shanghai dragon er.

finally after more than half a year, ranking finally in the past on the basis of Shanghai Yuejin love home, but more embarrassing is that has been floating in the home ninth, tenth and eleventh, and lasted for a lot of time, but also more and more and the boss seemed a bit impatient, which brings great pressure to the team.

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