How to enrich the site traffic sources to avoid relying on a single ranking love Shanghai

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Site traffic source

since the site keywords ranking by love Shanghai constraints and unstable, so we’ll be out of the website keywords, to find other will flow into the website, such as the use of products: such as Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love knows the Encyclopedia of Shanghai library, the Shanghai love product weight is very high, often a search keywords love Shanghai products are ranked in the top few words. If your website keywords has not appeared in Shanghai love these products, then the authorities advise you to immediately capture the wolf, for example: your website main keywords are "building blocks" so you can create a "toy bricks" love Shanghai "toy bricks" Encyclopedia, Shanghai library, love to do a few blocks toys "love Shanghai know, add your website URL and > in these places to

1, in addition to the main keywords ranking, several related keywords, long tail keywords ranking:

so, every small change of love Shanghai affects all grassroots webmaster nerves, visible love Shanghai for grassroots Adsense significance. For the love Shanghai keywords ranking stability, authority wolf also wrote an essay "when the keyword has good rankings, ranking how to make lasting?", organ wolf to and to share with you today, grassroots webmaster how to avoid relying on a single keyword ranking love Shanghai to get traffic! Is your source of rich site traffic multi channel! Get traffic roughly as follows: (thinking only simple effect of several major, good.

webmaster is mainly rely on search engines, so now the grassroots webmaster in search engines, love Shanghai. Because as long as the keyword of the website can be in love in Shanghai have a good ranking, and web pages can be a lot of love Shanghai included, means that the website will certainly be able to get a lot of traffic through love Shanghai! With the flow, which means that the flow of income! More! More! But also highlights a problem that is, grassroots webmaster over reliance on search engine! Once the day because of the space is not stable, the chain loss, malicious attacks, Trojan horse owners lazy neglect… Other reasons lead to love Shanghai on the website of the drop right or K stand, there is no web site keywords ranking, included is also greatly reduced, site traffic slumped, or even completely zero! It means that this site would never bring income to the owners of


site is not only to have a keyword, keyword when a site has good rankings, this is Shanghai dragon just at the beginning of the results, if you can rank in the stability of the main keywords at the same time, efforts to develop other related keywords, long tail key words, and these words also get good the rankings, then you would be exposed to another level of Shanghai dragon. Get more keywords ranking, you can expand the existing flow, not because the main keywords ranking fluctuations due to competition caused by excessive impact on the traffic,

2, use love Shanghai products to guide the flow weight:


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