How to determine the search engine keyword and page relevance

keyword layout is also testing the keywords and related pages, keyword distribution refers to the keywords in the page appears in the key position, different position within the page there will bring a certain impact on the relevance of the page. The keyword search engine by recording the value distribution of keywords in the page appears in the position to calculate the page, so as to obtain the relationship between the keyword distribution and page. Key assumptions at the top of the page, the key distribution value is 5, while in the bottom, keyword distribution value is 1, then the key words appear in both the top and bottom of the page, the page keyword distribution value is 6. under normal circumstances in order to increase the value of the distribution will be in the title and the first paragraph plus key words.


electric business circle of friends will certainly find row in Shanghai before the 2 love 2 blog entries have stable ranking a week, in contrast to other participating sites, ranking changes as one falls, another rises. A lot of Qi since the blog decided to participate in the business competition, has been ranked on this keyword, and found a lot of new sites are get good rankings for the first time.

title tags, Keywords tag and description tag. Especially the weight of the title tag search engine to search engine is very high, Keywords tag and description tag looks like now web search engine to give the weight of very little, because many sites have not found these 2 labels. But from the blog see many are changed three label achieved good rankings, so in three the label of naturally occurring keywords is favored by a search engine, which is one of the main reasons are the new ranking.

or the Shanghai dragon contest as an example. If the page appears in the electronic commerce, electronic commerce circle and other related long tail keywords is also a search engine on page keyword analysis. Because the search engine also has its own thesaurus to index and grasp classification. So to add some relevant keywords, if there is a plug-in if more convenient, for example, I use Z-blog has a plugin automatically grab the tags as keywords.


2, keywords layout

Qi more like search engine is how to judge the web page is what words do? Simple speaking is the keywords and web page correlation degree, good correlation will naturally have even ranked ranking is very good, the correlation is not good, may even almost no ranking ranking. After consulting some relevant information, and a group of friends discussed, think site in the search engine’s point of view, from the following several aspects of the search engine is how to determine the degree of correlation between keywords and pages.

anchor text keywords tag syntax

search engine relevance pages with keywords, a lot of time is to see this page.

1, three

One of the important factors of

3, relevant keywords semantic analysis

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