2013 how to enhance the effect of the bid love Shanghai

2, website user experience is the key.

this industry how many competitors, what do they do keywords ranking, how to input, how, how many irrelevant keywords consumer costs and the existence of malicious clicks and so on your account every day, these must be done, the so-called friends, only to understand about the situation of competitors, then his next release it.

account structure is to improve the quality of key words, improve the good performance of the entire account, so as to win the low ranking based on. A good account, Samsung keywords should be at least eighty percent or more, the account structure is very clear, and show the keywords and creative high click. This is the basis for the bidding can not be ignored.

3, competitor analysis, risk aversion is a must do.

Optimization of

website directly affect the user’s consulting and transaction, website open speed, whether the product is enough to attract customers, whether the phone is conspicuous, online consultation dialogue function, high quality web content is not high, these factors is still the key to affect the competitive effect. As for why I don’t want to repeat, do not understand can add me. I want the website to retain users.

1, the account structure optimization is the core focus.

has a lot of people ask me what the bidding do, the effect is getting worse, there is no market, as has been very busy, so for a long time did not write the article, and we take the time today to discuss the problem of it, just my personal suggestion. To briefly talk about my bidding experience, time flies, as do their own bidding for almost 6 years, which experienced a lot, there is joy, there are sad, happy, also have pain, there is hope, but also lost. Experience in medical industry, education and training industry, tourism industry, decorative building materials industry, legal industry, mechanical and electronic industry and so on, along the way is not easy, but a lot of growth and improve a lot. Generally speaking for the past few years I the greatest feeling is: when I first started to do the bidding, basically as long as the money do not control what can make a lot of people consulting every day, efficiency is very high. But now the situation is: for the increasingly fierce competition in the increasingly high cost, the parties increasingly strict regulation effect is getting worse. It is not now will not do the bidding? Certainly is to be done, the Internet market is there and is the future trend, so many competitors, who give up so the first one who will lose business opportunities, who first seek who will grab more market. Different bidding profit of different industries, some industries for a single transaction profit is tens of thousands, one year of promotion expenses are reversed, so it is certainly to do, but how do not like before what is the matter, you need to make good use of thinking and skills to operate.


2013 how to improve the effect of the bid? Free to share a little bit of my views, I hope useful for you:

Including the quality of the

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