Some of the classic website promotion promotion

promotion website is to do the webmaster every day about what to do daily work, so that many online promotion methods, each have what use, which is suitable to their own, this test did not know personally, you know the ten methods, but not necessarily can make good use of the ten person, not greedy, a a perfectly, each to understand, as the saying goes, when men focus on the most attractive, the most beautiful woman focus. Can also be used in the promotion of the site, following the introduction of several commonly used means of promotion:

three years ago, the inquiry platform can be said to be simple and efficient, with more and more people to send advertising to stimulate the quiz, quiz sites are beginning to take appropriate restrictive measures, the first is the love of Shanghai know, listen to many owners complain, love Shanghai know more and more difficult to leave the link. This is because we all know that love Shanghai answer ranking good, too many people send the advertisement in there, so love Shanghai has also taken corresponding measures. Of course there are other quiz platform, such as the question and answer, ask Sina, Soso Ask, however, we do not recommend blindly send ads or links with the actual content on promotion help is considerable.

The promotion of

SNS community promotion

The The same method for the promotion of the use of I

method is the most efficient, the effect is also very good, can be said to be immediate promotion methods. Chat let a person vigilance on advertising is reduced, done well, can also let >


site navigation promotion


forum, the forum is character signature and topic and send reply to a post, but when the promotion in the forum should pay attention to the scope of the AD, we must first ensure not to AD and post, don’t let people see the mind for a reason, that is AD!! to care, administrator open forum not to send advertising for you, your advertising is the consequences of the title or delete, wasted a field, so to promote skills to forum content can be read.

blog promotion

believe that many webmaster blog promotion in the use of blog driven website ranking is very useful, the blog is a skill, generally speaking, the selection of large blog is preferred, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Alibaba, Chinese blog, more well-known blog role is quite amazing, noting that the blog promotion must first keep a good blog, blog weight up, then everything is simple.


inquiry platform promotion

search site navigation, step by step to login to submit, this method brings can be said to be single Oh, can improve the weights can also bring considerable traffic, if HAO123265114la and other large site navigation, so you can send, with daily traffic is quite considerable.

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