The chain era has come to an end This is just the beginning

The current release of

chain and the webmaster have countless hard feelings, whatever a person to do Shanghai dragon, the chain is compulsory, many people put the chain as a machine to work, but I love the chain as an art, carefully carved, good intentions of each step, such a work of art in order to get more people to "like", with the second half of 2015, Shanghai has declared love reduce the score of the role of the chain, many webmaster will do some novice, don’t even know what love Shanghai to reduce the effect of the chain, now still buried outside the chain of hair, if in a few years ago, issued 100 outside the chain can get 100 votes, then, now issued 100, more than 5 votes, visible the role of the chain is weakened a lot, there are a lot of people think outside the chain of the era of "end", really Is this? Cen Huiyu believes that the era of the chain now has just started.

here winded two, many novice is eager to know how to release the chain to be effective, but if you don’t know how to think of the love of Shanghai, you don’t follow his rules to play, how do you get a good effect? Why should reduce the role of the chain? In the search engine a few years ago is missing at that time, just released content in some forums and blogs, search engines will crawl around the content, so the chain included is very fast, the website ranking has a role in promoting, therefore, many websites even if the content and difference, there are many outside the chain of support, still can have a good ranking. That time is defined as "small chain era", but the show in front of the user’s Web site, is not very good, resulting in most of the loss of users, love Shanghai market share decreased from 85% to 55%, has been Therefore, quickly lost half of the country, reducing the vote outside the chain of love Shanghai, hope that more owners to make better website, focus from external to internal transfer, meet more users.

three. "


weakened the vote outside the chain of love Shanghai, but not completely get rid of the role of the chain, the chain made people know, Xiao Bian also outside the chain, in the last year, I announced the day of 100, can reach 80 included, and now released 100. It included 20 will laugh, but many platforms show the links or anchor text, with anchor text and link the resulting platform not included, now many webmaster can not start; from this phenomenon, Shanghai love chain rules have changed, if you release the chain with value and reference is listed as a love Shanghai is included in the algorithm, is tantamount to indirectly tell owners, the release of the chain can not use the traditional way of operation; it also pays attention to a chain of innovation, you have no sense of innovation, you Dead in the traditional operating practices, which belongs to the traditional end of the chain of the beginning of the new era, the era of experience outside the chain.

two. The chain was weakened means "the end of the chain of the


. Why should love Shanghai reduce the effects of the chain of

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