Rookie in Shanghai dragon speech content is king BaiDu search engine optimization

Art: website in the first feel very comfortable, not very harsh, because you do this site, is a show, rather than to the search engine to see if your pages do bad, in the love of Shanghai ranked better, on day 100 people come in, you will see the website look contact your

The following

website: website content is best pseudo original, in time to revise the article on the network, need to put the "title" slightly modified, your use of the article, I understand, with similar meaning words in title, to replace the original title, with the same title, can with similar meaning words to replace, if the website contains pictures, description should be added to the picture ATL, site outside the chain not overdo sth..

website description:description short description is roughly the content you this page, make a brief note: smooth, fluent, do not stack keywords, or that sentence: don’t optimize to optimize.

title written: the page you have to show the contents of title, and the correlation is stronger you this page, do not deceive BaiDu search engine, not too much in the title in the stack keywords.

, a web site is the most important quality of the site, the website quality include: website content, web page layout, each page of the title URL station, writing etc.. But now together, can be called is: the customer reflects the degree.

site layout: the layout of the page, mainly about two aspects of one art, one is text.

, a website quality

Shanghai dragon. I think everyone should know "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence. Before we do, are very focused on the web site of the chain, and included the number, whether it is in exchange connection or to buy connection or… About a month or so, the love of Shanghai carried out a major update, the main purpose of this update is to punish the chain, after several key sites are in a month or so, the website appears all sorts of problems. The problems are: the site is K, the home page down the right, keywords ranking disappear, website reduce, not updated snapshot…

two, the website

text: the website text should be clear, not too dark, do not do more hidden text, hidden keywords, this can only increase your website die speed! And some of the so-called "black hat" (do not understand the "black hat" is what you go to BaiDu )


keywords:keywords referred to as keywords, keywords in the page is also important, remember, don’t stack, not in order to optimize and optimize.

, to give you some advice (this is purely personal point of view, for reference only):

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