The nature of the phenomenon through the site right down to four big may not know

, a content update, but snapshot not update

or tuidang frequently lasting

every day the update, but snapshot site is still there, even slowly appeared tuidang snapshot. There is such a phenomenon, we must arouse our attention, the site has entered the love of Shanghai and Google search sandbox, began to enter the period of study. Cause this phenomenon for many reasons, not the original content is probably the largest production site, many articles or pseudo original and copy. This time should immediately stop copying, the search engine slowly again to win the trust of the quality of the original content. If you have been the original site update, so please check the exchange links is not a problem, or the construction site itself is not over optimization operation. Just as I had in the "why" snapshot is a barometer of the weights of the website’s point of view, the reaction is the attitude of snapshot search engine on the web, when the snapshot is not updated frequently or tuidang lasting at least, the search engine has been on this site is not so in between, and even some indifferent.

said the website optimization is like dancing on the wire rope, is hard to handle, but also need to technical perfection. Say this speech, on the website construction and website optimization is a deep feeling. Even you can conclude that it refers to is difficult to draw the line, must be grey hat tactics or even cheating methods, suffered search engine punishment, of course this is my personal opinion, at least for now the situation is like this. Because the optimization method of content and quality of website construction based on the search engine, do not resent itself provides rich valuable content search engine. Nevertheless, we still need to know some site is down right or punished, as previously wrote "website optimization: not the middle skill is the best skills" point of view, including but not exposed, know without doubt is the highest level of website construction.

two, the content included abnormalities included slow snapshot and the dwindling number of

website content included, then again a few hours after being recovered, some snapshot again was released, some are no longer there. This is the last year until now, the strange phenomenon of love Shanghai, love Shanghai engineer publicly this interpretation is the retrieval algorithm of BUG which will be fixed. But today, this phenomenon still exists, perhaps this is a new assessment method? We know that even for has included the content, search engine will periodically re alignment included. The content included, is a relatively common phenomenon, when many sites at the start of the included speed and included the number is very considerable, but slowly the number and speed of decline. Even some of the site’s content is no longer included, instead of a large number of snapshots is deleted. This phenomenon, the search engine is in straightforward to tell you site is down right. The amount included significantly reduced or even no longer included, is a pseudo original or copy of the trouble, the only solution, only through high quality only.

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