Why can the new successful counter attack

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I think that using a website to promote a movie can quickly improve website ranking and flow, but for a movie website, promotion cost commitment (such as space >

website is a movie website, there is only the "Youth" of this movie, this is the biggest difference with other movie website place. The other movie website at least dozens of films, so the theme of this website is very strong, the site inside the youth continue to appear this kind of words, so this site in youth the keywords ranking nature also front. Do other movie websites on the inside pages plus the youth of this kind of words, and the site is the home page, the weight of nature than other film website page is high, so it has the advantage of ranking.

movie website is less text, because one would want to see a movie, just need to look at a simple plot, so take a look at a few minutes, and then decide whether or not to watch it. But the search engine can not identify the video content inside the movie website, if fewer words, relevance or theme will be greatly weakened. But the new station, that was a lot, such as the new youth film and message like, help search engines understand the video content, increase the pertinence and theme of this page.

two, the text of more


movie website, the page depth of the page is three. Because once the new station uploaded dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Web site, a flat structure can facilitate the search engines crawl, let website fresh content search engine to quickly grab and included. Let the weight of home pages and averaged more high, and the flat structure of the site can reduce the loss of weight.

In May 11th

three, the website is flat structure

A5 website to see the "5 day Shanghai weight 6: analysis of cattle station successful counter attack road" this article, that is a new station for just five days do love Shanghai weight is 6, many owners see this article There were many discussions. Some Adsense talk is redirected, some owners said brush keyword index, some owners said with unknown black hat technology and so on. Indeed, we should study so successful cases, I analyze the website data, I think the following points are worthy of our study.

observation of the new station, we can easily know, all the website comes from the network, almost no original content. So not to say that content is king, we all like a writer creation like squatting in front of the computer. But selective put some valuable content on our website, for example, the latest film the new home page, in a timely manner to the network users want to know the latest information on the website, this website is not afraid of no flow.

, a strong themeThe

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