The column page ranking why people than my main domain


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don’t be silly to think that the first page of the weight is the highest, in fact, the weight of each page is low (the weight calculation method of love Shanghai). See how you see, when you have a column page as the home page to optimize the weights, so I bet no time your column page is definitely better than the home high. Right column > page

second, column page is not low

two from the above chart, we can see the theme of the key word page is too broad, no limitation of a point. The column page has greatly narrowed the scope of classification, like the classification above, site is down right by K, this category is mainly used to solve the optimization problem in the process of website daily, can come to help master. To solve the current problems to help you master, also can let you appear optimization problems in the process of understanding in advance, when you really have the solution would be an easy job to do.


for a long time did not start writing the post, this time just have time on the way to write about a few days ago a friend asked me a question, that is: "why do people of the column page ranking than I actually." the domain name for this problem, Qiao said Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Forum Xiaobian said his: a website really can please love Shanghai love is not just home. May the previous post transfer to a common concept of Shanghai Longfeng novices is the only home to participate in the rankings. In fact, is completely mistaken for this argument, a real good majority of pages in front page ranking, good rankings, driven up only in the page. This is like a family, you have to say this family are good, so you can not only from the surface to see. But from everyone to see, when every one end through the mode of the people recognized, in order to give this family are good, or only to a person or a few people.

is a web page column page to page over between the specific content related pages, and page theme is often more widely, but the gist of the column page limitation constraint. Here we see the diagram shown below:

below to take a look at a recent industry website ranking:

home page theme

I to tell you how to go beyond the column page domain name

, the first column page more accurate


column page classification map:

from the above we can see that the column page ranking has participated in more shows, so that love Shanghai search engine has gradually pay attention to the overall quality of the site, which is not only a home page. We will see the past most are home. So, here Xiaobian said Qiao Shanghai Longfeng forum to remind everybody, should pay attention to the overall site, and not too much attention.

The weight of

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