Some skills of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking optimization

The weight of

of Shanghai Longfeng optimization site also has some simple techniques, as follows:


site for a more and more important website, website weight high on behalf of the search engines depend on this site and degree of recognition. At the same time, the weight of the website can also be about to the rank of the website. In life, the domain name with gov and edu are very authoritative, because their website security, authenticity and content and links to other web sites. Adhere to the authenticity of the website content, reproduced and copied too much, will gradually reduce your weight. At the time of establishment of the website, regardless of the length of time, only through continuous improvement of the site, pay attention to experience of users, then your website will be at numerous sites in talent shows itself. The impact site links to the weights of the links is also great, including internal and external link, internal links are recommended each other, depend on each other, external links are important, and high quality.


To improve the user experience of

Commission website traffic, in front, the key is to improve the user experience. In the fierce competitive environment, to get the user’s heart, going through the perfect user experience. Users browse the site, in order to get the information they want, and if the content of website content is not consistent, customers will be greatly disappointed. So take the energy to optimization, in order to get better returns. If the site put a lot of advertising, it will make user feel commercial website is too large. Reasonable advertising investment, pop frequency reasonable, the customer will understand. So to improve the user experience is in fact to make friends with the user. In addition to these, there is a user’s attention is the website speed, add video on the website of these, will greatly reduce the page loading speed, according to statistics, a website opens speed more than 5 seconds, the user will be lost in 10%, 3 seconds is the most ideal. In this way, improve the user experience, so to improve the visibility of the site and ranking is not the problem.

first is the enterprise’s own keyword or product itself effectively summarize, classify according to the content and form of the data must be clear. A table or list, though it is simple to the viewer is very practical. Third is to stand in the professional point of view, analyzed by experts on the stack, which is beneficial to the visitors to the site you become effective media. There is news and unexpected events or hot effective use of their own things into them, imperceptibly people attention to infection. To learn how to give up, give up is a simple little interest, dare to put their content as a free supply to the public, have also simply called popular. There is, to make full use of the connection between the partners and the information of the potential for personal publicity. It can also be use of social relations in a certain range, speculation. To become the fast dissemination of information.

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