1 months time your station PR0 PR3 love Shanghai weight to 2

just for the domain name, the new station, love Shanghai GG included PR0, is quite small, discrimination, change links and others are not hanging. Do the difficult process station, not too early station. Facing so many difficulties, I choose their own ways and methods, flog a dead horse.

content is king, the chain for the emperor! First keep the website every day hundreds of updates, every day I will be the intermediary real estate channel on hundreds of house information, other channels will also collect some of the latest information news information (best original or false original). The second is to each big site outside the chain, signature, such as A5, Shanghai dragon WHY, the laggards and so on, increase the chain, to each big forum site to write some soft Wen etc.. But this does not guarantee the love of Shanghai and GG of a sudden attention you love, Shanghai GG has a review of the new station.

some people think that all of a sudden up so much, be afraid of K, I also have this concern, but I have evidence that this problem should not be K. If you are K, I directly to the opponent to buy 50 high quality links, love Shanghai really K him, if so, I’ll definitely buy this, but we all know that Shanghai will not love, evaluation, Web links chaos, no rules, so which website can K to K, so it’s not going to work.

1 months, let your love Shanghai station PR0 to PR3, weight to 2, do a portal for a domain name, what are the weight of 0, but the miracle finally in our continuous exploration and practice in the implementation of the. A station in mid June for the domain name, and enabled, in a August 5, 2011 from PR0 to PR3. But there are many sub channels, even the love of Shanghai had included, from PR0 to PR1 and PR2 the following simple talk about my experience, I can not guarantee to do so is right, can not guarantee that it will be K, but I do realize.

buy links, but it is still useful. Now more and more link trading platform. It says Shanghai dragon related knowledge, your station and high quality or high weight website links, search engines will be relatively more emphasis on you "is a good site to search engines recommend that you stand this good, if more than one weight high website to the search engines recommend that you stand this good, the Shanghai GG love that you this station is good, give a certain weight." For example, our social reality in the same, more authority says you’re a good person, capable, then everyone will think Hello, capable, the same reason. Buy connection and I understand, so once bought 20 PR5.

and weight high website chain, then keep original update every day website (as the original), love Shanghai weights and snapshot up quickly. The best plus 20 to 30 links, if fewer links, GG will think.


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