Analysis how to optimize the best station large portal page

original content for users is also very important, such as you published this article, after the user has browsed in other sites, it will be impossible to click. A new content is false original or acquisition, the search engine will identify the quality of website content is low, the user experience is poor, the search engine should not have priority in the search results to display your page. Also, the content of the original, but the quality is not high, the search engine will first show your website will be considered spam pages.

For example a station voting mechanism

content of high quality, with some of the original


The increase of

in the chain: want to make a better page ranking, must be driven, with the weight of the high page preferred second home page, column page.

page to get good rankings, more than the station optimization can be good, also need to promote external support, the introduction of some flow. As we all know, the inside pages of the user experience is good, will lead the home page weight and ranking. Another point, analysis the bounce rate problem, users click on the page immediately closed, this page belongs to the low quality of high quality content can be adjusted in a timely manner, to meet the needs of users.

we all know, the user through the search engine to search for a keyword into the site in search results show to the user is the first page title, description, title, description is not creative enough to attract users, will not have bierbuxian, click the desire from losing users. Zhang Yugan before the blog published on the content of quality articles. For example: "high quality content is the website operation", "power enterprise website how to improve the quality of content and user experience". Only do high quality content, the user will click it.


many popular search keywords, such as "pioneering", the search volume of more than 8000 a day, but the conversion rate has not been ideal, can do some conversion Related words, such as "how entrepreneurship", "entrepreneurial students how" these all belong to the higher rate of conversion words. So I want to make your site more traffic, have to start from the inside pages of the long tail word, long tail word brings flow is the main source of site traffic. Want to let the long tail word get good rankings, will start from the inside pages optimization, following Zhang Yugan Shanghai dragon to teach you how to do blog page optimization.

Many of them are

webmaster clearly, what is the recruitment of Shanghai dragon? Is very simple, to the enterprise website to get more traffic, improve traffic conversion rate, and finally complete the order transaction. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er just a few key words in the page page optimization, no trace of optimization, only one result, leading to serious polarization, eating in the home page, you do not have enough to eat.

page keywords competition is too fierce, want to get good rankings, you need more pages link to it. Can increase the relevant page, the relevant page can improve a keyword density is very good, the rankings.

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