My five years of nternet start upsGG ads can be released with sh419 and so on

I was born 85 years, 80, more than 10 after 07 years of studying hard, finally set foot on the society, bid farewell to the boring school life. When graduation, even if they are not good, but with unlimited hope, dreams, there is endless strength and passion. I have only a short four months of classes, I embarked on the road of no return. I worked for a small network company in Chongqing for the first three months, and then sold for a month, and I couldn’t help it. The last month should be 07 years in October, in fact, at that time there was no project, no funds, no connections, no talent. Perhaps a arrogant heart. In October, I signed up for a company with one of my college classmates, Chongqing excellent Ding Technology Co., Ltd., the company has only survived a short period of time, and then it does not have its name. At that time, is to undertake some website construction, network marketing things to do. There are only four people in the company, we and my classmates, two others.

is the beginning of our three shareholders, my partner, and his brother, his brother is not involved in the daily affairs, for he accounted for 10 percent of shares. This is different and the first venture partners, a lot older than me, he is seven years, working in a Chinese enterprises, but also not in the industry, the network is a blank in this industry have is passion. And although I have been here for a year before, I can only be a fool, without any experience or ideas in the operation of a project. But we are still on the road, renting an office, setting up a company, starting a project, developing a website, and putting on the line. It is only after four years that I understand that it is very important to have complementary strengths in cooperation and to have strengths in different areas. The success of a website requires different levels of talent. Technology, operations, marketing, one can not be less.

was not in the last two years

you can display shlf1314 ads on websites or web pages displaying other third party ads, provided that third party ads and shlf1314 ads have obvious differences in format or color. In other words, if you choose to show the non shlf1314 ads in the display shlf1314 advertising website or web page, you need to ensure that users can always know these ads are invested by different advertising alliance, and between shlf1314 and shlf1314 did not correlate with any advertising. If there are indistinguishable similarities in the format of the two classes of ads, we ask you to use different color schemes for competitive advertising.

  can I put shlf1314 ads and other ads on the same page?


https://s.shlf1314/adsense/support/bin/ Answer=32849& topic=8425

, I’m a very grassroots entrepreneur. I’ve been struggling to survive, and it’s hard to live.


later, I went to my summary of the experience, can only be said to be very naive, fearless! In fact it was to survive can survive, just because we cannot reach the two together a lot of things to one, can not form a cohesive force, no two people who can dominate. They are too young to know how to deal with these problems, then directly disband.

original address

08 years after I came out, and began my two marriage, and one of my original customers launched the hardware mechanical and electrical network www.5jjdw this project. That is, I have been insisting on the project until now, this year has been four years. However, these four years are the four years for me to feel more. It’s still not easy to do so. I will summarize it from the following aspects:

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