Microsoft Bing search engine test personalized search to challenge Google

Microsoft announced the Bing search engine of the test of personalized search after a dispute with Google in search technology. In February 1st Google blog accusing Microsoft Bing search engine from Google search technology. In February 2nd, Microsoft responded, Google denies plagiarism.

the Bing search engine to continue to adjust the search process steps in the process of competing with Google’s. Will be the search team members Aidan Crook and Sanaz Ahari will be published on Thursday in the community blog blog that we think one of the real challenges of personalized search is personalized search and see the forest for the trees. In other words, everyone in the collection of all data and try to guess the human habit from large amounts of data.

These include

"experience" based on the results of previous search. When users search for the same word in a variety of occasions, click on the search results page is displayed on the link, the search engine will put the link is placed at the top of the page.

will be the search engine will also provide for the search of city search results. For example, a New York city will get local search results after the user input "China food", do not have to enter the "Manhattan Chinese food" such search words.

although the dispute between the two companies since last week has subsided, but will be in the United States market behind the fact that Google is still not changed. According to market research firm comScore said, will be the search engine in December 2010 accounted for 12% of the U.S. search market share. Google’s market share is 66.6%. YAHOO’s market share is 16%. However, the need to search engine YAHOO. There is no doubt that Microsoft hopes more personalized search and modify features will help it get more market share in the next few quarters.

is the Microsoft Bing search engine test "personalized search experience", in order to continue to fine tune the search results and gain more advantage ahead of Google.

said the two man, in order to make personalized search more accurate, we have done a lot of experiments at present, to see what the technology can provide the best results according to the specified user behavior. According to the user’s location to provide results and the results of the search before provide only two of these experiments.


February 11th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Bing search engine is being tested in order to further make their own personalized search with Google win in the long-term competition.

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