Network optimization by Shanghai new era of love

, haven’t met in a long time! We inadvertently spent a year. Well, regardless of the 2012 business owners of joy and pain, also do not recall those make snap change. Said today is that we Baidu beautiful, finally come out of time and again launched a new algorithm of Scindapsus.

as everyone knows, is a love of Shanghai from 2003 to now no successful launch of a product group. This is undoubtedly fatal for a well-known Internet Co. Do not you see, love Shanghai know everywhere in 2010 2009, incisive statement; do you know love, ah, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai Hi browser said here is keep going by painstaking effort, network optimization in Shanghai new era of love by the algorithm.

in fact, on the other hand, the enterprise website is outdated, the network department internal procedures mess a person responsible, decision-making completely abandoned Shanghai dragon, the website included and the chain has been less than 50…… Well, not to say "inside and outside the chain chain" as the "King" as the important role of "post", not to love Shanghai "green industry in jeopardy optimization algorithm", we hear the parties saying: a natural generalization of keyword ranking is not stable, and too much traffic is invalid, it is better to spend money.

years in the end of the year, we change the tide, many people have turned to breed a whisper. Business decision makers are beginning to feel the difficulty of network development. However, no matter how tangled, network marketing and network optimization cake score won’t die. Goods.


the result? Independent server site because of "too cluttered, complex code, love Shanghai detection network 51; every day the number of independent IP customer flow nearly 2000 of the best is a bit. Look worried website, not to mention the bounce rate, visitors stay, or whether the client can understand the company and brand through the



What are you


I want to say, if you give me five hundred thousand plus customers several points of the Commission, I would like the Department of network management: first, take eight thousand pieces for someone to do the upper medium level; secondly, only to spend money to love Shanghai auction, up to an industry best advertising website (about ten thousand per month) take a 35000; find a few optimization personnel, the main keywords and long tail keywords do. This investment, even if it is not a good website optimization, website content quality but also increases the efficiency of visitors, you say

How to

case representation: just took over a site, I feel very strange. On the one hand, the site in Shanghai auction capital investment of nearly thirty thousand per month, with various well-known website members (one year nearly one hundred thousand), enterprise QQ, etc. all kinds of chat tools, video release Witkey task link writing, an independent website server…… See these, you think about it, a year invested nearly five hundred thousand of the site is

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