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anchor text?

I have done an experiment, using 2 trial stations, the same keywords, observed 2 months. The first station spent about 500 yuan to buy 10 included more than twenty thousand of the waste station station link, of course, is slowly increased. It is as expected, after 1 months, the chain about floating around 9380. But the ranking effect is bad. In a web site before me, only have the chain of article more than 200. Another site is god. The same is to spend 500 yuan of money, but bought a PR5+PR6 gold chain, each station does not exceed 20 outbound links. Is roughly half a month of time, but the total number of hundreds of the chain, but has been ranked in second place keywords. This result is quite satisfactory.

1. is more chain number

in this paper I want to emphasize that the chain is not the number of fancy quality, and sometimes when you observe the competitors of the chain you will find only hundreds of. Do you think that arbitrary keywords competition strength of the industry, this is wrong, I think the quality of the chain is divided into 2 main factors, one is the PR value, is an industry related degree, if you are a medical health websites, the chain you are to you the company, plus they have low PR, it is a tiger with wings added a chain, you may top 100 people outside the chain, I hope the above example so that everyone can have a deep understanding of words, do not have the chain for less. The importance of quality quantity is the key, of course, look at the amount of effective, but cost too much workload, silence,

this is my last year when the experience of Shanghai dragon head. The chain has led the team of more than 10 people. The task plan ready after subdivision to everyone every day how much amount of work. After the training and can be responsible for the evaluation and effect of audit. Some people slowly found outside the chain of 100 50 are failure. The 20 is the failure of some people, even some people almost no links. After I went to investigate some of the chain they are sending to see why the results. A large part of our forum outside the chain form is on the release of some experience and knowledge of articles and then add the anchor text. There is released in the form of anchor text replies. The problem arises in the knowledge document released here. With a 5-6 anchor in an article of people, almost the survival rate of not more than 3 days, with 3-4 anchor link, the survival rate of 5>

2. increase N

is not recommended!If an article

ER in Shanghai Longfeng operation site, the first step is to check the competitors outside the chain, a look, tens of thousands of virtual. Have the courage to do it, but if you really look carefully, a part of the external website are from a website. There is no core competitiveness. The chain can rely on the garbage station to pile up the "bluff". But very little.

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