Shanghai Longfeng of new er on blog marketing

blog marketing is a word, a. Only to keep a good blog, you can better carry out their marketing blog. I am a Shanghai dragon new to Er, although only a short period of one month in Shanghai dragon, but through love Shanghai recent algorithm, I also realize from the blog marketing "raise" theory. Although only a short period of one month, but luck is always for people. As long as you have the "heart", then you will gain something, this is my blog this month since the largest share.

before touching the blog marketing, I also made a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er mistakes. Even though it is very hard in the pseudo original, but the love of Shanghai has not included. But the most deadly is, I also added a large anchor text string in the back of the article, in order to increase your website traffic. Most of the time, I was more like a job to work, and did not pay too much enthusiasm. Many predecessors have said the same words, there are not difficult, if you put your heart into it. The so-called difficult, people are self imposed on him, perhaps it was an easy thing, in fact, a lot of people say that this society is very complicated, in fact, this is really a really complex society? If people don’t complicated. This society will make Shanghai so complicated? The dragon is the same, a lot of people say that it is very difficult, in fact, this is a psychological problem, do the Shanghai dragon well reflects a person’s mind, if you find it difficult it is difficult, if you think it is easy to.

third points, I think this is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in share >

blog how to raise? The first thing I want to do this three. First, the high quality of the original, it is not only the spider love high quality original article, we all hope to see the high quality of the original article. How to improve their own ability? I think this trick only own to explore, as long as you work hard to learn, read or write much more comprehension, the inspiration naturally slowly come out, you will write and draw freely as one wishes. I just started, is very troublesome to the writing, but after a period of groping, diligent in thinking, diligent in writing, diligent, God would not be so hard hearted to people, you will have the harvest.

second points, a method of learning. In fact, not only to write articles, we should seek a method of what, as with. This world was a man born mentally good, but very lazy. Especially in the school, the people everywhere, often there are some people, even if he is lazy, but the achievement is still so amazing, I also met many such people, but they are not inherently better than a lot of people smart, but they have a their own learning methods. I have consulted a good learning method called, but failed to do so. From this I also realize a truth, every learning method to rely on themselves to grasp, for their own is the best method, is not suitable for you even if you know the truth is It doesn’t help the situation.

In fact,

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