Shanghai Longfeng brand website bound by the need to get rid of the keywords

You may have understood why I said keywords will bind the brand website to create a

first confusion: some people may ask, I search for Shaoyang Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon combat training camp, will increase the sense of trust, of course, this also exists, but can you explain in the description, people believe that although the first somewhat confusing, but click into your website or some curiosity. As long as the keywords to your content with its search can be extremely relevant to you next time, when people became accustomed to the website. If your site’s ranking fell, people also find you very easy, site name directly, this time you have been out of the first step to build the brand website.

second confused: the title does not appear to do keyword ranking as difficult, indeed, you have to build the brand website of course to pay higher than others do, you must be ready. But I suggest you do the operation, may be easier to do rankings, is in the early stage of your main website keywords in title, then other words do come up, then slowly put the key words removed, until finally fell all the words, leaving only the name of your site. The principle of this operation to explain, because the title is the search engine to judge a > your topic

right now, because you have a website if the title keywords too much, people don’t pay attention to you in the name of the website. On the contrary I like it, words do not appear in the title, the title appears in actual combat battalion Shanghai dragon training, people will put the eyes all the attention will be focused on the words above, I believe it would be easy to remember your site, of course, to others can often come to your website you must have attractive content.


had seen an article called me in the eyes of the Shanghai dragon three level is well written, you can look at the. The first is to do Shanghai dragon realm of keywords ranking do go up, the second level is the user experience and build the marketing website, the third level is the use of Shanghai Longfeng brand website. Today is here to talk about a little knowledge about the brand, brand benefits naturally not more than that, as we all know, now standing on the weight of love Shanghai brand is more and more high, remember the last time I love Shanghai is to blow Zhai website using the code named "solar storm" action. So a lot of copycat sites have been K. Brand website is in Shanghai to buy a insurance, will not be K (general). There are many ways to create the brand website, today is to give you erect a concept, that is the real brand website keywords need to get rid of the fetter, believe that all the people may be confused, how can the website to create brand keywords bound? Then we analysis; give you a picture of

may have two confused after reading my many friends in this way:

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