Talk about search engine optimization Talent Network

The frequency of updates

we should have found, a regional official talent network, the talent market sponsored website, regardless of the domain name is gov or the other can be very easy to get good rankings, this can be thought of as love Shanghai to the government website support it, I think is also reasonable.

I see in some areas of outstanding master of the two domain names were full of love in Shanghai before the 10 position, and even if there is no good included and the chain of these sub station, there is no good user experience, still can get good rankings, so that the weight of love Shanghai station can be passed to the sub elite the master station, the higher the weight of the weight to sub station is higher, even if it is a content page may also temporarily get good rankings.

like some have a physical talent network recruitment or recruitment report, this kind of website from search engines or guide the user through the search engine search keywords to get traffic, according to the observation of search engine should be able to find this behavior, the website weight increased.

The author found that Every day in the talent website

has 4 official or official website ranking that has an absolute advantage

(this article only talk about love Shanghai optimization) is always a problem in Shanghai dragon world, because this kind of website has been in love with Shanghai, a few days ago that the manual intervention, said the 11 phenomenon, do not know what love is in Shanghai for self interests or the interests of users in order to make such the move, but the love of Shanghai since doing so, we Shanghai dragon ER will only think of ways to overcome. According to the author’s experience and talent network Shanghai Longfeng do you share exchange, just to express personal views, if not the place, welcome message.

6 ranked first position is very difficult to shake the

The author discovered that the

ranked first in Shanghai talent network love regardless of how to adjust, how to update, the first position is difficult to shake, seems to have been fixed, >

ranking good talent website has a long age, ranging from 3 to more than 5-10, thus the search engine that has a long age website website is reliable, professional, can be trusted, so the ranking is also good, and this kind of website the ranking often have an unshakable position.

2 outstanding master of the two domain names favoured

1 age

has a lot of recruiters and job seekers to release information, update, and love of Shanghai talent website recognition, the update frequency should also play a role; of course, if it is to collect information on the other when to stop talking.

Talent network The influence of

5 website for more and more obvious effect of website ranking

Search engine optimization on talent network

3 website aura is more and more important

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