Shu Hong on embedded in the eight policy in two in the form of the chain

"content is king, the chain for the eight word emperor" basically has become the Internet inside the field of the Shanghai dragon door and the only proper course to take. It can be said that this is all Shanghai dragon Er implementation of the basic code of practice in site optimization work. Here, they hope the Hong Shanghai dragon theorem slightly to do some fine-tuning, of course, from a macro point of view, no matter how to change, adjust, appellation, actually Shanghai Phoenix are running in this framework.

should be said that this conclusion is basically quite vividly carved the basic routines on the Internet and many spiders behind. Can be considered more than 90% of the line on the website in the target site, you should immediately start the specific arrangements of the eight words. Although the Internet up to our human whole is an emerging industry, compared with those of traditional agriculture and handicraft industry, do not know how many years younger. But the implementation of the operational level, but still have some common features and requirements of the inner, the difference is relying on the practitioners to use tools and tool platform. The basic point is: ordinary and boring.

seen in numerous users and visitors and colorful vision interface is the myriads of changes, the majority of workers worked hard and unknown to the public Internet editor. This is because the interface background is hard, so many software engineers and web designer gives birth to a lot of trouble and helpless. In many high tech park, people put those programmers are in a hurry to depart in Western dress and leather shoes, dubbed the "network of migrant workers". Behind this particular noun was born, nature is the nature of people who think the Internet on the network for each process and link concise, summarizing and refining, sublimation.

but also it seems that simple 8 words, the basic working principle of search engine and the fundamental criteria. So here you can almost 8 words and character mantra sign. Shu Hong think the proverbs is close to religious vocabulary, like the inherences arrangement. In truth, relative words, there is more humanistic color, also seems to be more close to natural science itself. Arrange and use of the word, in fact, to a great extent, but also some of the more elite Shanghai dragon ER in practical work, in the face of search engine scoring rules are constantly changing, and can not be effectively the problem of mystery journey.

Behind the

whether this eight word summary of two words or pro really thought of migration, is expected to end in a standard Shanghai Longfeng of fundamentally break the huge search engine Steefan Kors riddle.

from this point of view, the "network of migrant workers" has a sense of humor components. Speaking of humor is easy to search from Lenovo to funny two words, but they think Hong that they are essentially different. Funny out is affectation; humor curry favour by claptrap, from.

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