Soft writing where six ways to find material for secret information

for example, you want to study now more popular "micro shop marketing", you directly in Taobao search: "micro shop marketing tutorial" is, spend a few dollars, you can buy a lot of "large coffee" for hundreds of thousands of tutorials or data. You bought yourself slowly, you can read the analysis from selling point, writing their own e-book.

2, Taobao packaging: direct purchase method to find relevant material platform, the most efficient is to buy in Taobao. Taobao is not only the major market products, but also the information resources trading center. A lot of information, people have to help you up, you go directly to buy is cheap.

where to find more confidential information? Don’t worry, now has entered the era of mobile Internet, information is very very much. Money today know zero cost sensitive bidding key share 6 simple and practical methods for writing material for you.

as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun. In fact, the writing, writing materials, information, combination according to the topic of your choice. Writing requires a lot of information, especially the exclusive information most people do not know "".

by this method, I query a lot of secret information, are usually not found, and are free of charge.


The easiest way to

love is a video tutorial e-books, SkyDrive cloud data "concentration camp", ha ha, look a lot, you download is. Of course, a lot of data may be encrypted, you need to spend some time to sort out slowly.

, is in China HowNet (CNKI), Wanfang database is looking for. China HowNet (CNKI), Wanfang database data and information, you can not find the love of the sea, the need to buy related accounts, but the cost is very low, you buy is directly on Taobao. To buy, you can go straight to the query search engine is not included, private information.

1, love Shanghai SkyDrive search method: for example, you need to find the relevant bidding information on your direct search in the fall in love with the sea: "love Haiyun SkyDrive bidding tutorial" love Shanghai, the search engine will help you check the relevant information in the "love Haiyun SkyDrive".

3, check the secret

database: this method, teacher Wang Zijie once shared, very good. In daily life, you meet a lot of problems, can help Shanghai love God, or is the baby and other search engines. But you can get others to search, search. Qian Minzhi said, use the Internet to make money, is a poor information. A lot of information products or physical products, you can sell to others, but you know more than one channel.

for example, you want to write a book to teach people how to pursue the "goddess" and "global" tutorial, you can buy a CNKI account, then slowly query information, simple integration, direct write a book out of money.

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