Several aspects should be paid attention to when the enterprise to optimize the key words

because my site is a new site, although now do the home page, but the industry is still a relatively big competitor, then how can they get from that part of the

corporate website? Is nothing more than to tremendous influence by the Internet, expand the sales of its own products, so how on the Internet to create their own brand? It may be said, a lot of people will be discussing that website, then the suction flow rate and, thus change the transformation rate of products. I think this was a good idea, but I think before doing so, we still have a thing to do, that is to choose a suitable choice of keywords, only the key words, we can do the next job.

choose keywords, we should not only pay attention to the words of their own search volume, we should pay more attention to the key words is their commercial value, it means you can because the word to buy our products, "the word search volume brush ticket software" is indeed very impressive, there will be in love with the sea the results of more than 1 million, but it seems to me as "free software download brush ticket" more attractive, you think? The first to attract customers to our website, not better then to introduce his website profit project


2. has its plasticity and brand

on the Internet is not just a business, so each industry has its own competition, which also resulted in the search keywords, there will be the same brand name, this is each of us to do business owners do not want to see, so we have to ensure the uniqueness of the brand name, even if there is the brand name of similar counterparts, nor too much.


has the intention of long tail keywords, search users are running the target.

it should be carefully analyzed and their key weak points, because each company and enterprise will have good keywords ranking, there will be no good keywords ranking, seize their weak points on the optimization of key words will give us the website optimization brings a kind of results, then analyzed it, I found it several competitors "network voting software" is not ranked in the home page, so in the above work, the results I have 35 customers as can be imagined, from the word.

What is the purpose of the


analysis of 3. main rival


Keywords the purchasing power of

4. use the long tail keywords

I am doing a brush ticket software, in the choice of keywords of their enterprise when I also spent a lot of thought, but now part of their practice or for effect, in this share to everyone, I hope everyone can give a little help.

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