Website optimization content is inevitable for regression

Yishui reiterated the necessity under the website optimization regression content here, website content good even without web site outside of the chain will have a lot of good rankings, but if a large number of sites outside the chain of high quality without substance ranking still did not break, this is the content of the construction of the necessity. This paper by 贵族宝贝80 Shanghai Longfeng.

website chain is the core of the website, we will find the top position of almost all of the home page and column page in the search keywords, for some relatively popular keywords rarely have the inside pages of the rankings, the reason is the home page on all pages of your website in the highest weight, whether the column page or inside pages we do a page of links, and related pages will have column page link weight is the website home page and column page is relatively high, this is in the role of the chain, in general we do within the chain will pay attention to three aspects, the home page, column page, content page. The core chain is the depth of the search engine spiders crawl the site, users read deeply, and its ultimate purpose is to make the page weight related improvement, in order to improve website weight.

website articles and information is the source of the content on the website, search engine and users through the website to read articles and information, know the theme of the site and keywords. The content of a web site if there is plagiarism or pseudo original, users do not read deeply, the search engine is not included. Ensure the site should be useful to the user information content and the construction of the original, all should stand in the user’s point of view to help users have written information, it will also get the search engine’s approval, because the essence of the original content not only can make the search engine feel fresh, will be included in the faster, the original high quality content more viscosity, but also optimize the number of user clicks a promotion, especially for new sites for almost all new content, only constantly improve the content is the key.

search engine for website content will start from the understanding of the content for the fundamental, many enterprises in order to stand for the website content this simple act do not do their homework, but in the external links under foot, not only through the chain model will be using tools to release the chain, buy the so-called high weight link, finally reach. The search engine to determine the website weight is actually reading website and users, a good web site if there is no substantial contents of the chain more of its basic or not recognized, so we should optimize the site content in the first place, to know the website optimization regression content is inevitable.

for the content of Yishui website optimization will be divided into two parts, one part is the article and information website; the other part is the site within the chain. In fact, this is well understood, and the information is the site of the blood, is to add fresh content, but the site within the chain which is instilling tendons, various web content distribution channels, the lifeblood of the entire site links. Only combined to construct the good website, in order to enrich the content of the web site.

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