The kite of the studio give you love Shanghai 6 28 earthquake

3, another point is that we all know and love Shanghai although Google incompatible like water and fire. But when love Shanghai to a website of the weight and ranking will still take into account the PR value of both Google Chinese before or after China exit exit this is undeniable. Love Shanghai when the Google greatly updated PR did not fully prepared so will lead to happen.

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of course also have to the webmaster happy things, largely improved the Google PR is the most for a period of time more than half of the new sites, especially new sites, basically PR have risen, some 0 to 2 or even 3, the original PR has a certain degree improve. For this joy a worry alternately, we are under a lot of suffering, we have not sinned against you, why demerit affected are we

fell in love with the sea would like to take this opportunity to launch a new set of algorithms, but personally think it should be bad for the small and medium-sized webmaster, should fall in love with sea will force you to do the bidding. Now the bidding is the most direct and love Shanghai is the largest source of income, if you are optimized by keyword to do go up, but I love what I do for Shanghai, where to go to make money anyway? Now I am alone big, I say what is what.

4, 6.27 noble baby PR value update, the webmaster topic is all you PR up? Love Shanghai is not happy, I China as the largest search engine, you can not put all the attention to another search engine, so I came to love Shanghai earthquake > included

1, believe that the webmaster must know love Shanghai recently has been adjusting algorithm, love Shanghai tried many new algorithms, but ultimately failed, according to Google this update PR love Shanghai itself is not ready, so the algorithm adjusted to the long before the algorithm temporarily cope with. Have a great relationship and this has been the trend of the two, so we are involved in the behoove.


I believe that many owners have their own unspeakable troubles and worries, because since 6.28 love Shanghai earthquake, many webmaster hand stations are affected in different degree, and some are even devastating. Some stations originally included the amount of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands after this after the earthquake, only hundreds of thousands or even included, this let the webmaster too much to handle! Even fall head would like to read a. Of course, do not rule out that some stations also have the corresponding degree rise, this is reasonable; so in the end after the earthquake after how long our station can be restored? Is this can not be restored? Everyone is 15 buckets 7 8, very nervous is every webmaster inner feelings.

what ah!

drop and Google PR greatly enhance my following some ideas, for reference only hope you don’t

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