Webmaster query tool is love old mistakes caused by excessive do Shanghai algorithm

is engaged in the optimization of all knew, if the web page is not the first words that, on behalf of the site is obvious in right down the ranks, which is one of the many small and medium enterprises is difficult to accept things, do website right down the focus of prevention is Shanghai dragon Er work. However, due to Shanghai dragon Er every day more things need to be addressed, to achieve site traffic into products and operations, to edit and construction of the chain, is in a certain bound. While the site right down the query is should be tested every day, not only affects the efficiency of website optimization, but also affect the long-term development of the site. Webmaster Tools launched in the home location query function, can let the webmaster timely change excavation site, do the work of prevention and adjustment.

Webmaster Tools query site of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Er data is every daily necessary work flow, but also an effective means of our own website quickly understand the change. With the accelerating algorithm change love Shanghai, love Shanghai first launched original spark program, followed by Scindapsus algorithm 2 upgraded version of the application, these measures will undoubtedly help to purify the Internet environment plays an important role. Causes some webmaster tools to follow the love Shanghai change trend, have improved their performance tools, webmaster tools to increase the home position in the integrated query, for Shanghai dragon Er timely understanding of the site is down right has important significance.

dragon found a more serious thing in the query their website today, home location display or query failed or not on the first page refresh, many times are the result of this, more angry is love Shanghai snapshot cannot be displayed. Dragon think recently there is no illegal operation, it should not appear signs of this drop right ah, again is the webmaster tools problems? Indeed, through the site: Web site, found in the first row or their own website, direct search site is a snapshot of yesterday, and I am excited for a long time, as shown in figure


, webmaster tools errors associated with the occasion of webmaster tools also appeared snapshot, keywords ranking, record information query is not accurate, dragon conjecture is not love too fast to change Shanghai algorithm, the third party platform webmaster tools can not be timely tracking site data, often resulting in mistakes. Think of the home station webmaster tools that but in the industry with high authority, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are through which query daily changes in website, and before are rarely wrong. Lenovo to continue to change in Shanghai love algorithm, webmaster tools also accelerate their pace of revision. "

then the Dragon began to think, is the individual case of webmaster tools or common phenomenon? Therefore, the dragon shaped through the search "website construction" the related company industry website, found a surprising phenomenon, is that most of the website home page locations are not in the first through the webmaster tools, and by site found on the front page, as shown in figure


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