Do we talk about the Shanghai Dragon

content, over the years always emphasize the user experience, always emphasize the plate put what like, but many companies are based on the understanding of sensory judgment, user experience still need to have more data for reference. On the other.

with the current trend, media special channel cooperation but also to maintain the normal weight of six months to a year, so take advantage of the directional flow of fishing or can do, after who can not say, but I will over the operation of the project, the audience and the conversion of different platforms are different, this one do fine should still have room to rise.

wrote this title is mainly because by the end of 2012, according to the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai more and more no control rules, frequent adjustments so many employees have be taken by surprise. Maybe it is time to think about our next step how to do


2. website Shanghai dragon

because of its own to do is the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng medicine, many things are very strict, so a lot of time have limitations. 07 years from now, the hospital network marketing to the system of large-scale operations from the single-handed, so it is in the Shanghai dragon aspect. The following is a time of these a few years of my personal Shanghai dragon axis:

2011, news sources, classification of information, the use of weights directional flow

in 2009, to cross the sprocket, Bo Yang station, a large number of links to enhance the master weight

2012, the third party platform project cooperation is popular, the use of Shanghai dragon platform weights directional flow

technology, similar to the current basically everybody knows.

in 2008, with a variety of CMS system, blog system, Shanghai Longfeng plug-in


1. channel

2010, the station group, divided into sections divided into disease mass stations do directional flow

is a summary in recent years personal Shanghai dragon aspect, is for the love of Shanghai. The adjustment for the 2012 Shanghai dragon industry practitioners, basically is a process of elimination, with the future development of half a year, the industry threshold will increase, especially the special medical industry, because these years medical industry scandals, industry policies have been tense.

in my opinion, the 2013 Shanghai Phoenix hospital website mainly from the channels and content itself to start, but more is Shanghai dragon electricity industry to play the role of product manager, the website construction is not only as the filling content of keywords.


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