A farm to share those things the investment domain


C investment is English or homophonic Pinyin abbreviations, this is a profit we should know, like WTO is the

domain hot investment and profit

E keep up with today’s hot spots grab a single registered, this is easier to understand, just like the original forest storm, it is no exaggeration to say that a lot of minon overnight, and this is followed by the era of hot domain name investment performance, as the new rice farmers more should always pay attention to when the news.

World Trade Organization abbreviation, for mining to more sales value of the domain name, of course, you can also be registered or is the first letter of homonym registered under the relatively hot domain names are a means of profit can be considered.

B delete domain re registration is also a good way of investment, because some have record of the old domain can have many benefits in time to build the site, and the domain name is often some website’s brand name, are market appeal.

said Wangzhuan, I think more is the webmaster want to Amoy, Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster behavior orders like, in fact about Wangzhuan behavior is not only these types, there is a kind of investment which is the easy way out, that is the domain name investment. We may say the investment domain is not reliable, like the lottery, the winning probability is too low, but do not what risk? Even the fiery Taobao customers, also there are not a lot of money webmaster, so the domain name investment is not our novice webmaster minefield.

A on the hard currency I feel when we have the opportunity to hoarding through the third party trading platform, because like the 123456贵族宝贝 domain name is not too obvious environmental heat, can be said to have been selling them as their own, so will the zhenshanzhibao, no pressure.

domain name investment skills and ability to reserve

2 minon should save from the domain name registration and acquire skills in capital investment, after all we are all grassroots, and not too much capital reserves, so we have to match the domain name in the timely clearance, the right to renew, not suitable to sell, in addition, when are you going from the third party to buy Italy the domain name, you are the first to assess.

D domain name sometimes copycat market performance is relatively hot, I like to go to Yunnan at that time, some owners will use copycat domain name website, like Lu Songsong blog, some bloggers will use lousongsong to register, the market reaction is good.

1 for rice farmers, especially for the novice, when we just involved in this industry, concern should not think a good domain name registration, but should learn hot domain investment market through the platform, to improve the negotiation and operation ability, develop their own domain name investment skills, which can help themselves in minon this road go farther.

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