Analysis of common problems two years experience in website optimization

in Shanghai dragon also has 2 years of time, 700 day and night is so pounding the keyboard from the fingertips, looking back at the past, like yesterday.

> disorder

, a web site included

for the owners concerned, two years is a short time, is a long time, this year I know the website can also achieve a better ranking and flow through optimization, and also to do so, these two years I used to use Google search, this year I know what is called, adhere to what confidence this year let me learn to perform these two years, let me understand what is team, this year I met an occupation called optimization, a man named webmaster (Cao Gen), this year I learned that "more than two years, the growth of success". These two things too much.

those who sleep the day crowing cock, the morning is still updated the original visible before the eyes, and also for the chain struggle in various forums, blog, the day before dawn, check the chain check included days like yesterday, at that time, just to complete the task. A two years have passed, I do not know since when, before those who do not want to face the tedious work, in order to gradually become a habit, become a part of my life, every day is the same as in the past to repeat things, and my heart is steadfast.

war clouds: "you win lose some, do the same, in the face of search engine changes, you know there is a word called" egg". Website included snapshot, reduce or even stop stop, even home page search engine shielding correction even blocked, the chain station batch, hang up the ranking is every webmaster must change radically the growth of tribulations. Many people have the same estimation and I have just started when Shanghai Longfeng practices and ideas, have to search engine drop right (let’s say it is right to be reduced) or punishment and other emergencies, often confused is feet, styled, go to the webmaster forum for help, not to consider the site itself if there is a problem, the result as can be imagined.

as a search engine and often deal with grassroots website included snapshot, reduce or even stop stop, even home correction by search engine shield, chain, batch hang ranking is change radically, soldier, was also because of the above reasons, despair, bitterness and even wanted to give up, don’t doubt that he is not for the webmaster? However I was difficult to survive the 700 every morning and evening.

after two years of failure are summarized and successful experience with their own continuous learning, also summed up some of their own experience, compared with those of God, may not worth mentioning, but as long as they can point to the new ideas, contented, following the two years I often encountered in the process of optimization do a analysis and solutions, hoping to guide new little take some detour.

website problems, general search engine drop right or punish the majority, mainly reflected in four aspects:

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