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is search engine trust can improve the website included, by the trust website itself to meet certain conditions, the premise is the high quality content information and spent writing the content of time cost is not too high, according to the website spider crawling to regularly update regularly for web content, fixed to the frequency and quantity of the update, steady growth is the core of improving the quality of website.

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as the site of the Shanghai dragon Er every day to work site:url is essential, what we are observing, and the latest web site included snapshot data. Although no data show that website website ranking, but it is in fact closely connected. As we know, it is not difficult to enhance the website included, the real challenge is to control the quality of the content of the website. That today I Dennis. Take a look at the website optimization wise remark of an experienced person to enhance the search engine included the core reason.


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old station ranking, you care about what is the problem?


high quality content is about whether the value of the content can be used by the user, can bring valuable information to users. When the search engine is the content when the website is a role included. How to make high quality content in Shanghai has been the concern of the Dragon Er, and the observation of Dennis, abundant information is good, there are pictures and news really have value promotion; for products not only to image more coupled with its operation steps and precautions can be called a qualified content. If you don’t understand your content quality, is very simple, the same industry competitors is your best standard.


we know that high quality content is the standard of the original + + scarcity and limitation of comprehensive articles, the added value that is higher, can enhance the user experience and service.

website must know clearly what the website needs to be included, how to improve the quality of site included drive. I often say that high quality content, is able to bring traffic and ranking of the content to the website, but not those worthless junk information. Here I want to emphasize again, high quality content is not equal to the original content, is not equal to the scarcity of content is not equal to the timeliness of the content; high quality content is a relative concept, on the one hand to meet the user experience, on the other hand to meet with industry related degree, matching degree and website.

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