Analysis on the medical station optimization idea

case analysis of the site, found that the stations belong to the station URL, unified directory structure, simplify the work related to completely ignore. Not only that, the station.

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sum up, work with conventional optimization as an example. Shanghai dragon Er of their work, but on the outside of the chain and content of both. This website as an example, as issues related to station group mode of operation is ideal. But the similarity is too high, the same server station, assimilation and other issues, there are also risks being joint punishment.


Shanghai Longfeng mentioned in medical industry, people often think of is the competition between the site. After the reference of relevant cases, the author divided into portal, Q & A, three categories of hospital medical site. Because of the competition, resulting in a large number of page copy copy. The station layout strategy unreasonable problem.


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optimization work:

The case analysis of


reverse link analysis part of the site, to block classification in the picture. The site in the classified information catalogue as the main publishing platform, title to disease related target keywords zhanwen. Another news portal as a soft, widely deployed external links work. The original station link output, can increase the effect of reverse link.

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the hospital website as an example, the possibility of direct conversion is almost 0 pages. The focus of this kind of website should be established for the hospital brand, through reference, consultation, booking a series of channels to achieve conversion. The author of a web site for the optimization of the station of ideas.

with the IP site query results show that there are 5 types of special subordinate sites, to distinguish different target keywords set. In addition to the site under another website dedicated to love Shanghai auction, distinguishable from the other type of site name. This station group status, in addition to combining the portal, the hospital website, also built a special type of cross links women forum.

related articles published (such as: the anchor text link), the chain included promotion (e.g., keyword placeholder), application, the auction platform station layout optimization (such as: URL, simplify the design of page, keyword coverage) and so on, there is no longer much basic list.


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station promotion work, suggest that you can start from different. The traditional forms of advertising articles, means that the problem of low efficiency, slow effect, high delete etc.. At present a variety of new platforms, micro-blog, group purchase, light blog and so on, through various forms of advertising, so as to achieve the maximum effect of the station.

In fact,

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