A website is in love with the mentality of sea K Webmaster Station for 150 days

I stand in a row in June 22nd was in love with the Sea Forum K station and K station at that time that the adjustment of Shanghai love short, as long as the good operation site and increase the original content, can quickly restore the snapshot and included. So, I launched a campaign in the webmaster forums, to increase the site’s original content; actively carried out the QQ group promotion, has joined the 200 Adsense QQ group, also established 10 webmaster QQ group, and combined with the current popular events in the webmaster circle for the continuous and effective promotion, flow and browsing depth have been greatly improved. At the same time, I also actively promote the transaction between the webmaster webmaster, meet the actual site demand and profit demand, enhance the interaction between users, improve the user viscosity on the website. According to the campaign, the popularization and promotion of QQ group between the webmaster exchange, I conducted a three month effective operations on the forum, but do not think that love Shanghai forum with the user experience, so with the depth and directly into the user’s web, why love Shanghai are not thought to have the user experience, perhaps love Shanghai period get in trouble, perhaps do not meet their own interests under the love sea, K station is still continuing.


since the end of June 2012, Shanghai continued to love replacement algorithm and K station, so many webmaster struggling and unsustainable state. The site was K leads to traffic plummeted, users of lower recognition. Although, some sites do not rely entirely on love kelp to flow, but once the site is K will still affect the overall operation of the site. In the process of the K station, the user experience is that we often see the words, but what exactly is the user experience, the openness of the network determines the rationality of forwarding content, original positioning is difficult to discern, when a small website content is forwarded to a web site, large website content quickly will be included, but high weight, it can be said the original content of this article is not a small website. I believe that love Shanghai there is no such technology to solve this problem, the user experience and the original content of the so-called just clouds, the interests of the company is the biggest cause of. With the development of small and medium-sized webmaster to create network environment is the most important, innovation of the Internet are from small sites, grassroots webmaster more full of passion and dreams, create a good business environment, more conducive to the development of the Internet in the long run, more conducive to the continued Mengji network. Therefore, please the giants again for large-scale adjustment, respect grassroots webmaster, respect for the future development of the Internet, consider the webmaster webmaster ideas, listen to opinions, cultivate more excellent webmaster for the development of the Internet Chinese, this is a giant company to social responsibility. We stand in a row experienced about course website continues to be in love with the sea for 150 days:

in the next two months, the QQ group of webmaster advised me to replace the domain name, the domain name spelling to give up now, they generally think that the domain name has been pulled into the blacklist. However, I still insist on using the domain name, the domain name spelling stand in a row more.

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