A visitor supreme website of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment tips on the user experience

in regard to the web page may be relatively long, visitors want to go back to the top of the navigation is very troublesome after reading, the author especially in the content of the corner with "top" button below, this is a picture of Jiangxi fine arts net JIATHIS share the first ten shots, in fact, visitors do use this function this function, really convenient for them, and add the Jiathis sharing tools also facilitate visitors to share information, strengthen the website and community relations.


two, Shanghai dragon just distributed leaflets

three, the 28 law gave me the inspiration of

because of personal webmaster for the site, time and energy are limited, the "

is a famous 28 law (Pareto’s law), in any group of things, the most important of which only a small part, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, is secondary. This theory is also applicable to our website promotion, some time ago. The author carefully analyses the statistics of Jiangxi fine arts college entrance examination network since 2011, surprised to find that most of the traffic is from a few columns, such as scores of inquiries, test centers, and add up the other section of the flow of these two columns are not high, so the adjustment of the construction ideas, spend most of their energy in the two column on the other columns simply maintenance, found that the effect is very obvious.

Language Guide: today taking time to see your website of Jiangxi fine arts college entrance examination network Jiathis share data analysis, there is something about the user experience perception, special to share out.

website construction, promotion is a continuous improvement function, improve the process of user experience, keep visitors in the subtle, let them feel your website is not tired, the operation is very smooth, and you want to get the information of content and automatically return, and share your website to his friend.

popular share content

now many people to Shanghai dragon apotheosis, website traffic that depends entirely on the search engine to your site’s fate lies in the search engine, so as to make their own very passive, in my opinion, search engine optimization as in the distributed leaflets, it is only the website, website content provided to the customer, when the user comes to your restaurant (website), found here the harsh environment (page design), poor service attitude (no clear prompts), food is not good (the content of the website is not what they want), he’ll patronize? Share this restaurant to his friend

in the content of the website of serious homogenization of today, all visitors from the point of view, the real need to provide content for the visitors, to facilitate visitors, improve the user experience, in order to improve the visitors and visitors visit the depth of viscosity.

, the details determine success or failure



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