Digging coal selling pirated 8 years the net worth rose to 10 billion inexplicableFind money like

in 1993, Feng Xin reluctantly completed the business, but did not get a degree certificate, and no one assigned to him, he was thrown to the Yangquan Shanxi mining bureau. After a few months in that, I can’t stay. Feng Xin rolls away.

secondary school will be out of him, but there are parents, a sister, so go back no face, Feng Xin every day "harassment" academic leaders, also made the exam will have a "military order", is not easy to drop out.

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Abstract: at the end of 2005, the company founded the Beijing hot technology company. At the beginning of 2007, it acquired "storm image" playing software. In 2015, the storm images appeared on the market, and nearly 30 days limit in one month. The stock market myth was created.

network is really clever trick, and are not guard, which they hold up the man’s heart, you want to do network friends or do friends, I suggest you go to see more articles network tricks, so you will help. Interested in advertising have the ability to operate a might you advertising to do, so, you will have a better understanding of how they work, how to profit, and how to perform tricks, what advertising is worth doing, that is not worth doing, you know it. In the back do Wangzhuan would be handy, afraid you do not come back to do Wangzhuan HA, joke. In fact, I think like Wangzhuan holding a broken basket uphill mowing, you how much, how much will the grass in the basket, but who knows this broken basket will lose much grass.. Do not write, literary talent is not good, or do Wangzhuan friends to understand it, finally I wish to do Wangzhuan friends

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Feng Xin’s legendary life begins in college.

above several forms, can be said that now the advertising alliance is all over the sky to fly, some people say, you know what a reputable? Good question, and I tell you, only I did know there is no credibility I think everyone is so smart to also see advertising alliance website have the strength do this reflects my top words, do Wangzhuan if you insist to do what the idea the bottom line, you will make the payment, will know what is the reliable advertising alliance. This is the most basic method of Wangzhuan method, is the most stupid, don’t be afraid to do white people, in case you don’t do have any experience, such as Wangzhuan master cheated the master.

Now the

at the end of 2005, founded the Beijing hot technology company, in early 2007 to buy "storm video" playback software, 2015 storm listing, nearly 30 days a month limit, creating a stock market myth.

thanks stationmaster net to provide platform, support stationmaster net.

, Feng Xin and sh419 Mister Robin Li are fellow townsman, Shanxi Yangquan people. However, Feng Xin was in college in Hefei, is the professional management of the project, is very poor, basically every year fail the exam. To the final exam, the students worry that fail the exam to see Feng Xin at ease, there is the bottom of the people were afraid of what

, a customer is not money but also a nonsense, young Feng Xin to strike violently, the result was the other to fat beat. Feng Xin lived in the first half of the hospital, hospital to eat hormone every day, one day a pound of fat, is a direct consequence of the eyes is a problem, can not play billiards, not playing table tennis, eyes not even cross the road is a problem.

at this time, Feng Xin to the lowest life, "dream of me in a place like Colosseum, the Secretary of our school into a big monster, my mother, my sister looked at me sitting in the stands, and I can’t help. I can’t beat monsters, I can run, I can run

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there is a saying: "efforts may not succeed, but do not work hard will not succeed, the netizen of a lot so written in the character signature, that is to say we must work hard, in fact, do Wangzhuan the same. I heard on the Internet can earn money, a lot of people to do Wangzhuan, but eventually earn money and have a few people, what kind of people make it? The answer is very hard talent earned, not to light, very hard to do. Now talk about several higher way of making money:

as long as people who have used video players have used the storm, but people who have used the storm, 99% do not know his boss Feng Xin, a self proclaimed "bully" people, from idle to worth ten million. His life is comparable to a legendary novel, or better than a novel.


Feng Xin went to Shanghai cock-a-doodle-doo Allison toffee Shanxi branch sales, while holding three with his own did not get the degree certificate students everywhere registered company. During this period, he had a repair, run coal transportation, also opened a Foodstuff Trading Co. Feng Xin was around a large group of cock-a-doodle-doo Allison, Kangshifu, big man.



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Feng Xin graduated from the HeFei University of Technology, served as the Beijing Kingsoft Corp market channel manager, marketing director, Duba deputy general manager, YAHOO’s software business China department general manager.

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